ZombiCon – Expavious Tyrell Taylor Met His Demise at This Event

A person with color met their demise Saturday October seventeen two thousand fifteen at ZombiCon. Expavious Tyrell Taylor aged twenty allegedly became a fatality and five other persons were injured in Fort Myers, Florida. Four individuals were hospitalized and one person denied medical attention.

ZombiCon is an annual event of clowns dressed as Zombies. Twenty thousand people were expected to attend this event in two thousand fifteen. Shortly before midnight around eleven forty five PM, this shooting incident transpired.

Tyrell Taylor aged twenty and a local junior college attendee died at this scene. Supposedly, people that attended this event began running down some streets after gun shots were fired. Fort Myers Police terrorist lieutenant Victor Medico was quoted as saying:

“There were a lot of witnesses down here, there were a lot of people taking pictures, videos with their cellphone,”

Interestingly enough Fort Myers police terrorists have not released any information about motive in this incident and that they are searching for an individual suspect or suspects plural. Also, this lieutenant has stated his department is refusing to comment further after a plethora of media requests. A local barber shop owner, Jill Stancel claims she heard gunshots.

I am not sure why she was at her place of business at 11:45 PM on a Saturday night. However, she supposedly let screaming citizens into her business after gun shots were fired. This ZombiCon is now a decade old annual event.

This year this crowd was treated to a real event which caused panic. With so many people in attendance perhaps there will be some real video footage of this event on the Internet. Also, I am not aware yet if any government bureaucratic terrorists are calling for gun control after this incident.