Water Damage Jacksonville FL – From Hurricane Irma Sets Records

I don’t normally blog about natural disasters, but thought I would add it to my repertoire. I will try to keep it related to government and military if I can. I plan on writing a blog post about Hurricane Harvey and some questionable government decisions.

Anyways, as you know by now Hurricane Irma, has finally reached land, more specifically succinctly Florida. Downtown Jacksonville is suffering record setting flooding. Hurricane Irma has now been downgraded to a tropical storm.

However, so much rain fell on Jacksonville yesterday, Sunday September ten two thousand seventeen, that a day later lakes literally formed. Local officials claimed that water would rise two feet today, even though hurricane Irma had departed. Also, they claim that local rivers would continue flooding potentially for another week.

I would never take advice from any government entity in America ie. police, sheriff, military, politicians etc. With that being said authority goons in this wretched system finally in my opinion gave people enought time to evacuate early this time. The disaster, pun intended, planning for hurricane Harvey was basically a government military nightmare.

Allegedly, seven million Floridans evacuated for the impending hurricane Irma. This is roughly around one third of the entire Florida population. Surges from this hurricane pushed four to six feet higher than high tide levels.

As a matter of fact this caused supposedly record flooding greater than floods in eighteen sixty four. Thankfully, no reported deaths from this record flooding, at least in Jacksonville Florida. Thousands of serfs are without power as of this blog post creation.

“It’s the worst storm I’ve ever seen”

Bill South of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Up to two hundred fifty thousand serfs were without power after hurricane Irma dumped ten to twenty inches of rain. At one time this hurricane was considered a category five. There have been some reports of burglaries.

However, reports of looting were not true according to sheriff goons. For the most part it seems police, sheriff, and national guard have just assisted with some rescue efforts. However, ordinary citizens have been photographed helping out.

Many people have lost their right to travel freely as bureaucrats, gestapo, and sheriff have closed off roads, highways, overpasses, etc. No reports of serfs having their premises searched and weapons seized like what occurred after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. Granted some of these roads are impassable because of power lines and trees blocking transportation.

One local sheriffs office as silly as they are, asked residents needing assistance to just place some kind of white flag outside your home. Also, they posted announcements and warnings on their Facebook page. I guess they forgot that over two hundred fifteen thousand people were without power.

I guess they were supposed to access Facebook on their dumb devices, I mean smart devices. My litmus test when it comes to government military is how many deaths do they cause by their decisions. Looks like no deaths in Jacksonville and actually entire state of Florida are attributed to this hurricane Irma.

Amazingly enough this hurricane was actually a category five with winds at one hundred eighty five miles per hour which is supposedly record winds since hurricane stastics have been catalogued. Homeowners are already filing insurance claims from hurricane Irma Water Damage Jacksonville FL. We shall see if government clowns give out disaster relief and if any of that money reaches their intended recipients.