University of Hartford Public Safety – Breached by Brianna Brochu

UPDATE: 08/14/2018

This white trash piece of human excrement Brianna Brochu will most likely have a clean perfect police record after this affair, pun intended. I am NOT at all surprised by this revelation released earlier this year. Brianna was facing third degree criminal mischief and second degree breach of the peace charges.

However, she was sentenced to a special type of probation. I believe she was given a deferred judgement. Basically, as long as this white girl completes all tasks related to her probation sentencing, then she will have both charges wiped from her court records. What this means is that in all tense and purposes no one will know she was ever charged and sentenced.

This time is so blatant and obvious white supremacy terrorism. Brianna has to perform 200 hours of community service. Also, a restraining order was placed against her. She is NOT to contact Channel Rowe, girl with color victim, in any matter.

Also, she is supposed to undergo mental health evaluation. This last part of her sentencing to me is pure WHITE bullshit. I have noticed a pattern with these white cretins from hell, that they love to pull out the mental illness card.

Brianna does NOT have mental health problems. She to me is just a proverbial white supremacist terrorist. After two years of staying out of legal problems, Brianna will have both charges and her probation completely removed from her records.

Talk about fucking White supremacy. Brianna Brochu lost her scholarship at the University of Hartford. She also her job at the time of her white savage behavior.

However, Brianna was able to gain employment and actually hire legal counsel in the form of a lawyer. No hate crimes violation were found or filed in this incident. White Supremacy to me is a HATE crime.

However, I am not surprised one iota that this white girl Brianna will walk away unscathed. I am very confident that she will find another high profile university that will gladly accept her. She may even be able to obtain another scholarship.

You need to study what a scholarship really is. You can save a lot of money by being able to receive a scholarship. Brianna placed blood from her own tampon and wiped it on Channel’s back pack.

Initially, Brianna pleaded not guilty to her two misdemeanor charges. I definitely think Brianna deserved hate crime charges. I am still suspicious that Brianna may have attempted to poison Channel.

However, I have not been able to find any evidence yet. White people are not trustworthy in my mental paradigm. You are dealing with the system of white terrorism.

“She (Brochu) has little to no punishment in my eyes. They requested her to do that program before court today. My rejections to it wasn’t going to mean anything because she was eligible for it. I had requested she do certain things while the court granted her accelerated probation but my requests were denied.”

Channel Rowe

The system of white terrorism steam rolls ahead. This time the University of Hartford public safety was breached by a white female student named Brianna Brochu. This fucking white vile disgusting savage actually wiped her bodily fluids on a room mates possessions.

Of course her roommate victim was a female with color. White people will deny this is race related because that is what they are supposed to do. However, this to me is proverbial white terrorism.

Brianna harassed and conspired to get her not white roommate either evicted or pressured enough to move out. This fucking vile white bitch actually bragged about conspiring for the past few months, when she found out that her roommate that was NOT white was indeed moving out. Brianna is facing multiple misdemeanor charges.

She faces a judge at her November fifteen court date. She was arrested and charged with third degree criminal mischief and second degree breach of the peace. Brianna a white savage was released on bail.

Her victim Jazzy Rowe made around a one hour thirty minute video on Facebook documenting her intimate experience with white terrorism. Brianna perpetrated the following vile, disgusting, and savage behaviour.

* spit in coconut oil
* placing moldy clam dip in lotions
* rubbed her used tampons on victims backpack
* placing victims toothbrush in her ass and or cunt
* other not yet known vile behavior

White people as the savages that they are, have been denying this is race related. Brianna indicted herself by admitting to these activities on Instagram. Also, she referred to Jazzy as a “Jamaican Barbie”.

This is exactly the type of white savage behavior that white people have been perpetrating towards people with color for centuries now. Boycott these fucking white people now. Boycott their temporary internment camps.

All people with color could refuse to get indoctrinated at University of Hartford. Who knows what other types of tactics this white bitch cunt terrorist perpetrated. I do NOT know for a fact if she tried poisoning Jazzy or not.

I would not be surprised if that was part of Brianna’s repertoire. A possible solution is to NOT associate with white people at all. Do NOT live with them.

Do NOT fornicate, procreate, or cohabitate with them. Avoid them at all costs. I do NOT associate with white people unless it is absolutely necessary. In closing Jazzy did see a doctor with a health problem.

She claimed she suffered throat pain for at least a month. Brianna admits that she conspired against Jazzy for at least a month and a half. There is no doubt in my mind that her throat pain was caused by the white terrorist Brianna Brochu.

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