University of Central Florida – Lock Down Based Off Social Media

Another lock down situation at a public university in white people’s white colony, AmeriKKKa. This time University of Central Florida was locked down based on an alleged text message to students. An alleged threat read verbatim:

“Possible middle eastern gunman/woman in UCF library. Avoid the area.”

This threat was submitted to students around 4:00 PM local time, by someone at the University of Central Florida. There were no reported injuries, witnesses, gunmen, etc. However, students sent messages via social media like twitter claiming they saw multiple police terrorists run into a library.

Police claim they received a threat of a gunwoman which is contradictory to an alleged text message threat of either gender. John C. Hitt Library was evacuated by police gestapo. An alleged report of a gunman was received around 2:45 PM local time.

Nobody knows yet what department from this indoctrination center sent out this possible white supremacist alert. This alert was sent out at 3:53 PM local time. Only the library was placed under lockdown.

All other indoctrination brain white washing activities occurred on schedule. This library was opened again around 5:00 PM. Interestingly enough today was last day of classes before final examinations at this university.

Quite a few students were studying at this library. A possibly white terroristic message was posted on University of Central Florida’s website:


Just as this library was cleared a police terrorist coincidentally “accidentally” discharged their gun.

“One of the officers was getting ready to leave the scene and he went to secure his gun in the rack in his car, it’s a security measure we all take here, and something happened, the gun accidentally discharged. Nobody was hurt and we’re going to look into the source whether it was malfunction of the weapon or a problem with the rack.”

This statement was released by Courtney Gilmartin, University of Central Florida’s public information officer, which is really a public relations person and possible liar, at least to me.