U Nevada Reno – Student Peter Cvjetanovic is White Supremacist

Another white person up to no good in their rigged hood. This time, a University of Nevada Reno student named Peter Cvjetanovic became popular after a Unite The White, I mean Unite The Right rally in August two thousand seventeen. This obviously angry racist denies that he is a hateful bigoted white supremacist.

A photo of this white savage went viral across the Internet. He was carrying a tiki torch a long with other white terrorists. Peter is studying history and political science at University of Nevada Reno.

An official statement in response to the Unite The Right rally was posted on the University of Nevada Reno Facebook page:

“To our @unevadareno community: please know we are aware of the dialogue taking place and the unfortunate incidents in Charlottesville, VA. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy. Despite these challenges, we strive for an inclusive campus where people feel safe and welcome.”

His Facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/PCvjetanovic is still viewable at time of this blog post creation. He is a member of a International group of national conservatives alt right facebook group. This group has over three thousand four hundred members.

His last post was dated July first two thousand fourteen. I have no idea why this white savage’s photo went viral. Many people, including whites are calling for this student’s removal from University of Nevada Reno. One person pointed out how Peter violated three codes of conducts that this university allegedly enforces.

Peter is also a member of University of Nevada Reno young Republicans. This twenty year old white supremacist has been photographed with United States Senator from state of Nevada, Dean Heller, a Republican. Senator Heller denies knowing Peter:

“I don’t know this person & condemn the outrageous racism, hatred and violence. It’s unacceptable & shameful. No room for it in this country.”

How the fuck does he not know Peter Cvjetanovic when he was clearly photographed with him?

2 Replies to “U Nevada Reno – Student Peter Cvjetanovic is White Supremacist”

  1. @Janice Jackson Thomas

    I was thinking about perhaps some of Peter’s relatives knowing he is a white supremacist. Also, perhaps they are white supremacists as well? I will be investigating his family and trying to find other connections of his.

  2. @Riyadh Gallardo Velasquez
    I thought the cold and callous response from University of Nevada Reno was pathetic. People with color have been complaining about white supremacist actions at this University and all this University does is pay lip service. At the very least, people with color should boycott University of Nevada Reno.

    Stop spending your money with racist institutions.

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