Twin Towers 9 11 – Were Remote Controlled Drones Used on 911?

Continuous pieces 911 is a September eleventh two thousand one investigative documentary. Including witnesses, photographers, and videographers as well as various experts and guests to show what did and did not happen on that day! Also, this video documentary exposes some disinformation and offers a conclusion that could clear up many questions concerning some events of September eleventh two thousand one.

Jeffrey Hill created and produced this film documentary about some events on September eleventh two thousand one that took place at twin towers in downtown Manhattan, New York. Not like some September eleventh documentaries, Mr. Hill tried contacting and interviewing alleged witnesses to this false flag inside job. This documentary questions any validity that normal commercial jet planes were used to crash into both twin towers and basically states they could have been remote controlled drone like aircraft.

The United States government military has manufactured remote controlled planes prior to September eleventh two thousand one. There are archived video footage available even as far back as nineteen eighties, of remote controlled planes. Mr. Hill was a no planer until he concluded that planes were used on twin towers but that they were not normal commercial airliners.

Could those planes allegedly used on September eleven two thousand one been able to travel at five hundred miles an hour? Could an aluminum commercial air plane literally puncture through steel and concrete? Wouldn’t those aluminum planes have folded or been crumpled and fell down to earth rather then leaving holes in those steel and concrete buildings?

These questions plus many more are answered with possible other scenarios in this documentary film. What did some witnesses really see on September eleven two thousand one?