Tom Mourning – Perpetrates Random Shooting Injuring Five Strangers

Another white terrorist in AmeriKKKa, went on a random shooting spree. Twenty six year old white boy Tom Mourning, shot five strangers in Joplin, Missouri this past Saturday August thirteen two thousand sixteen. Three victims were from a local church.

Two other victims were in a truck stopped at a vehicular traffic light. Around 5 AM his own father phoned police gestapo and reported gunshots at their residence at 1810 S. Connecticut Ave. Police gestapo terrorists were following this white savage when he started firing at his first three victims.

Instead of summarily executing this white boy, police did not immediately intervene. Tom then fired gun shots at two strangers parked in a white pickup truck. Finally, this white boy submitted to arrest at 5:22 AM local time.

These police terrorists followed this white boy and knew he was aiming to kill people, pun intended. Tom is facing following charges from both incidents:

* Three counts of felony armed criminal action
* Three counts of felony assault in first degree
* Two counts of unlawful use of weapon
* Two counts of felony armed criminal action
* Two counts of felony assault in first degree
* One count of unlawful use of a weapon

This white boy is facing a one million dollar bond from Jasper County, Missouri. Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars must be in surety. A remaining two hundred fifty thousand fake federal reserve notes must be in cash.

Since this white savage crossed jurisdictions, Newton County is requiring a three hundred thousand dollar cash only bond. One victim Kenneth Eby is still in critical condition. Another victim required surgery.

Also, two canines were injured with one requiring surgery. One victim in that truck stopped at a traffic light received three bullets. Just another day in the system of white terrorism.