Timothy Tai – Censored by Faculty and Protesters at University of Missouri

In a bit of a twist of irony, a University of Missouri photo journalist, Timothy Tai, was literally physically censored on that very same campus that he attends. You see Timothy Tai is a student at University of Missouri. A white woman named Melissa Click led a charge of student protesters, whom physically stopped him from covering a ConcernedStudent1950 group celebration. This incident transpired outside on the University of Missouri campus.

Timothy Tai had just as much right to exercise his free speech, albeit via a photography camera, as these fascist censorers did. ConcernedStudent1950 were celebrating some recent actions at University of Missouri concerning alleged racial improprieties. Timothy Tai rushed to this scene to try to take pictures of this festive event.

He was met with resistance from several knucklehead Missouri students, whom at one point created a human wall and would not let him move forward in order to photograph members of ConcernedStudent1950. At one point this is when a wicked communist socialist white woman named Melissa Click was quoted as saying:

“Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.”

In another bit of irony, it turns out that this white woman is assistant professor of mass media in that university’s School of Communications. She is a courtesy member of that University’s school of journalism. One white journalist censoring another journalist with color perhaps.

However, some people with color turned communist and assisted this abhorrent white cancerous virus by actually trying to intimidate this Chinese journalist. Some members of society are calling for this white woman’s resignation or dismissal. A white man named David Kurpius whom is Dean of Missouri school of journalism, which is a pay as you go brain white washing internment camp, allegedly is going to review her designation.

This just provides further proof, that America is indeed communist and now more than ever before, free speech does not necessarily exist, even to younger knuckle headed Americans.