Tianjin China – Huge Explosions at Hazardous Materials Warehouse

Multiple huge explosions at a hazardous materials warehouse owned by a Chinese company named Ruihai Logistics. Allegedly, seventeen people met their demise after two large explosions. These two explosions were so large they created huge mushroom clouds.

Firefighters were then eventually called off because fires and flames were too large and dangerous. Windows were shattered several kilometers away from these blast sites. A total of nine firefighters met their demise fighting these flames.

Around four hundred Chinese military terrorists are assisting with this disaster. Allegedly, they are helping with rescue and relief of victims. Some apartment buildings are within close proximity.

Just like in America, Chinese authorities have detained some Ruihai Logistics company officials, and perhaps treating them like criminals. Never mind this could have been just an accident. Video footage of this incident by some Chinese citizens show a couple huge orange mushroom clouds.

Many nearby buildings had all their windows blown out from these explosions. Tianjin China supposedly has a population of fifteen million people. Ruihai Logistics has been in business for four years since two thousand eleven.

This company has been approved to handle hazardous materials. Some buildings near these explosions had cracks in them. Also, some doors were blown off their hinges.

Allegedly, a first huge blast transpired from some shipping containers in this warehouse. This blast then caused another huge blast. These blasts then caused a huge mushroom cloud.

China’s official National Earthquake Bureau claimed their instruments detected one blast with equivalent of three tonnes of Trinitrotoluene and a second blast with equivalent of twenty one tonnes of Trinitrotoluene.