Terry Lee Loewen – Was Wichita Bomb Suspect a Patsy or Jihadist?

This is a short video report of an alleged bomb plotter on December thirteen, two thousand thirteen at Wichita, Kansas, United States Mid Continent Airport. I had performed an earlier Sandy Hook anniversary broadcast available at archives on my website. Was this alleged bomb plot that took place on both a Friday the 13th and one day before a Sandy Hook mass school shooting anniversary, a setup or reality?

Was Terry Lee Loewen really a Jihadist or a patsy used by the Federal Bureau of Insurgents? Mr. Loewen was fifty eight years old at time of this alleged bomb plot. Also, he was an avionics technician at Mid Continent Airport and had certain security access to this airport.

Mr. Loewen faces one count of trying to use a weapon of mass destruction, one count of attempting to damage property, as well as one count of attempting to provide material support to Al CIAduh I mean Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The Federal Bureau of Investigation claim they have been tracking this individual via an undercover FBI agent from an alleged islamic website RevolutionMuslim.com. Interestingly enough, this website has been closed.

Terry Lee Loewen

This alleged bomb plotter’s family knew that he had recently converted to Islam. On October twenty five, two thousand thirteen, the Federal Bureau of Insurgents claim Terry Lee Loewen met with an undercover FBI agent to discuss a bomb plot. Mr. Loewen claimed more than once that he could not drive a company vehicle on airport tarmac until January of two thousand fourteen because his security badge would be renewed at that time.

Supposedly, on December six, two thousand thirteen, Terry Lee Loewen gained tarmac access by requesting this access when he renewed his SIDA badge. The FBI is claiming that on Friday December thirteen two thousand and thirteen, under cover FBI agent number two picked up Mr. Loewen at a local hotel around 4:45 AM. At approximately 5:40 AM both individuals reached the gate to a tarmac at Wichita Kansas Mid Continent Airport.

This is when supposedly Terry Lee Loewen was taken into custody after his security access had been disabled as he attempted to access this tarmac. Was this a real life bomb plot by a converted white muslim? What I find interesting is that this event allegedly took place on an eve of a one year anniversary of an alleged Sandy Hook mass shooting and a shooting incident at Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado.