Amy Lew – aka Whitney Wisconsin Arrested in Florida

UPDATE: 7/17/2018

In May of 2017 Amy Lynn Lew was arrested by local Bonifay, Florida gestapo and extradited to Wisconsin. Her boyfriend was also extradited to Wisconsin. He was facing child pornography charges at the time of his arrest.

Amy Lynn Lew goes by the name of Lynn Lew and Whitney Wisconsin on the Internet. Her real middle name is “Lynn”. I recorded two videos and uploaded them to Youtube in 2016 or 2017.

My Youtube channel has since been censored and terminated. Whitney Wisconsin’s original dog fucking videos went viral on Youtube and received millions of views, believe it or not. I have since found out that her boyfriend at that time was a man with color.

Her Whitney Wisconsin Youtube channel remains active. However either she or individuals at Youtube removed her infamous or famous “10 reasons why you should have sex with dogs” video. In 2017 she recorded an update video and uploaded it to her Youtube channel. She admitted that she had at least one warrant for filming pornographic videos in public.

Now in 2018 word has surfaced that this white girl is threatening to sue Taco Bell over discrimination. She claims she showed up to work one day an hour late and was then terminated. She is claiming she was terminated based upon her gender.

I have independently verified her photo regarding the alleged Taco Bell discrimination lawsuit, and it is most likely her. I have no fucking idea if this is some kind of publicity stunt or just another way for this white girl to gain attention. If she were to actually win this lawsuit, then talk about white supremacy.

“Good morning. I am taking Taco Bell to court. I overslept 1 hour and was late to my shift but I still showed up to my work.

I was told by the manager that I would no longer be needed. I got fired, and honestly it’s because I am a woman. I refuse to let injustice rule this country and women it’s our duty to stand up for what we know is right.”

Another white girl up to no good in her rigged hood. Amy Lew who is known as Whitney Wisconsin faces two misdemeanor counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct. She is famous or infamous for making a ten reasons why you should have sex with dogs YouTube video that went viral.

She is allegedly currently nineteen years old. These charges stem from her making pornographic videos at Eau Claire businesses. These videos were sold on adult themed websites.

Erio Oliver her fiancee was arrested sometime earlier in two thousand sixteen. He was in Florida and extradited to Eau Claire County Wisconsin. Originally he was facing felony child pornography charges.

An arrest warrant was issued for Amy Lew in May of two thousand fifteen after she did not show up to court. As of November twenty one two thousand sixteen, an arrest warrant for her is still active. Amy was interviewed by police gestapo April ten two thousand fifteen.

Her date of birth is March six nineteen ninety seven and her full name is Amy Lynn Lew. Allegedly, she admitted to police that it was her idea to film those pornographic videos in public businesses. These videos were filmed in March of two thousand fifteen and April of two thousand fifteen.

Her fiancee received a twenty thousand dollar bond. His full name is Erio Sherrod Oliver. He is still in custody at Eau claire County jail as of November twenty one two thousand sixteen.

His date of birth is October twenty second nineteen eighty nine. Amy was using her YouTube alias Whitney Wisconsin in these pornographic videos.

Nick Hogan – Tukwila Police Gestapo Federal Grand Jury Indictment

UPDATE: 7/25/2018

Nick Hogan was sentenced to only 9 months in prison. He faced the ridiculous charge of depriving a man of his civil rights. Why the fuck was he NOT charged with attempted murder?

Oh that is right, maybe because his victim was a man with color. United States district Judge John C. Coughenour issued this pathetic sentencing. Actually, I am surprised Nick was indicted at all and that he received any type of sentence.

This judge is a white man according to my intelligence gathering. Nick Hogan was 36 years old at the time of his guilty plea. He agreed to NOT seek employment in white terrorism, I mean law enforcement for 15 years.

I would NOT be surprised if he breaks this agreement. He is NOT supposed to work as a police officer or security officer anywhere until 2032. I bet he is foaming at the mouth just waiting for his chance to terrorize people with color again.

He was employed by two crime syndicates known as the Tukwila and Snoqualmie Washington police gestapo. I am NOT certain whether or NOT this agreement refers just to the state of Washington or the entire United States. This was a Federal grand jury after all.

However, white people cannot wait to circumvent their own rules. Nick the white terrorist Hogan pepper sprayed a man with color while he was restrained in a hospital. You must always be cautious around WHITE people.

This white terrorist attack could have ended this individuals life. Do you think that white people fucking care? Absolutely NOT they do not care.

A 9 month sentence to me proves that white people collectively continue to perpetrate their violent savage behavior without any acknowledgement or accountability. His victim had already been handcuffed and restrained. Supposedly he told Nick he was going to sue him.

This enraged this white savage and he proceeded to attack his victim with pepper spray. Initially, Nick was facing a felony charge and up to 10 years in federal prison. Obviously, he received a light sentence, pun intended.

Nick is not allowed to gain employment where a gun is necessary. I do NOT know if he is NOT allowed to possess any types of weapons or not. This white savage was sued twice before for his proverbial white behavior.

A white police terrorist, finally faces a federal grand jury indictment. Thirty five year old white boy Nick Hogan, faces one count of excessive use of force. His victim is of course a person with color.

Nick Hogan has terrorized people with color before and been fired from more than one police terrorist organization. This white Al Qaeda member faces up to ten years in prison and two hundred fifty thousand fake federal reserve notes in fines. Currently, he is employed as a police goon terrorist with Snoqualmie Police Department.

A grand jury indicted this white scum, after a two thousand eleven incident, while he was employed with Tukwila police department gestapo. His current employer placed him on paid administrative leave. This white piece of shit is the first police terrorist to receive federal charges in western Washington state in eight years.

Nick has been sued twice since two thousand nine for using excessive white force. This cost Tukwila police gestapo four hundred twenty five thousand fake federal reserve notes. In two thousand twelve, this white boy was excused of his duties, as a domestic terrorist, from afore mentioned gestapo unit.

This white trash even admitted he intentionally used his knee against one of his victims three times. Nick broke the elbow of one of his other victims. As a matter of fact, this white cretin from hell is was the most violent savage on record while working for that terrorist Tukwila organization.

He even broke the leg of one of his victims during a scuffle at a party. One of these white terrorist incidents was recorded on video at Harborview hospital. That victim was person referenced in this latest grand jury indictment.

This white savage is not only an animalistic barbarian but he also fucked one of his colleagues’ wife.