Swine Flu Epidemic – Are Alex Jones Jason Bermas Steve Quayle Disinfo?

Jason Bermas’ April twenty nine, two thousand nine swine flu outbreak Infowarrior Show broadcast was certainly jam packed. Alex Jones and Steve Quayle also participated in Jason Bermas’ broadcast. Are Alex Jones, Jason Bermas, and Steve Quayle controlled opposition disinformation agents or cointelpro?

Listen to a three hour replay of an “alleged” swine flu outbreak out on Mr. Bermas’s archives, YouTube, or other Internet archive sites, and decide for yourself. Interestingly enough Jason Bermas is “ex” military and served in Iraq. Also, Bermas was in the Israeli military.

Steve Quayle whom has made many appearances on Coast to Coast AM is also “ex” military. I discussed Alex Jones possibly being controlled opposition on Reality UnKnown episode twelve, available on my Reality UnKnown archives. I noticed quite a few interesting aspects in this Infowarrior broadcast.

To me it was apparent from beginning to end that there was vast amounts of fear mongering from this trio. Also, I noticed that christianity was heavily promoted during this alleged crisis broadcast. Was the two thousand and nine swine flu outbreak a hoax or was it legit?

The Centers for Disease and Control first reported this alleged epidemic. InfoWars.com literally reported non stop about this alleged outbreak for a couple of weeks. Looking back retrospectively, there really were not nearly as many alleged swine flu cases as both CDC, mainstream, and alternative media predicted.

H1N1 also known as swine flu was claimed as a new flu virus first discovered coincidentally in April of two thousand nine. Allegedly, it started spreading person to person there after like a previously known flu virus. The World Health Organization then claimed a pandemic was occurring.

Does this trio that reported on an alleged swine flu outbreak have nefarious agendas? Are they government agents? Did they know that this “outbreak” was a fear mongering propaganda campaign hoax?

I will leave that answer up to you to decide.

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