Steven Salaita – Censored and Paid Off by University of Illinois

Professor Steven Salaita settled out of two courts today November twelve two thousand fifteen. The University of Illinois, which is a paid for brain white washing internment camp, decided to censor and then pay off this professor. You see people on board of regents at the University of Illinois took exception to Steven’s free speech.

Professor Salaita was supposed to teach at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus in fall of two thousand fourteen. However, before taking tenure, he had tweeted some statements heavily criticizing Israel and their continued terrorism against Palestinians. Almost immediately regents at University of Illinois redacted their job offer to Professor Salaita.

Their argument was that officially they had not voted in Steven as a tenured professor. This could be a lie to cover up their obvious censorship. Steven Salaita will receive a total of eight hundred seventy five thousand fake federal reserve notes in compensation.

Also, he agreed to drop two outstanding lawsuits against this hypocritical fascist white institution also known as University of Illinois. University of Illinois claims that those lawsuits may have been costlier pun intended. This is to me proverbial white hush money, in addition to University of Illinois not being at fault officially.

Perhaps this worked out for the best interests of Steven Salaita. He is currently teaching at American University of Beirut. Professor Salaita is quoted as saying on FaceBook page:

“We settled the case against UIUC today, and I am deeply grateful for the support and solidarity from so many individuals and communities. Together, we sent a strong message to those who would silence Palestine activists and limit speech on campus. The activists, students, academics, and others who spoke up with petitions, demonstrations, and investigations proved that grassroots organizing can make a difference.

This is an important victory, even if the bigger fight isn’t over. At this point I am ready to move beyond this particular matter and continue doing what I love—teaching, writing, organizing, and contributing in whatever way I can to struggles for justice.”