Shawn Grate – Abducts Female and Three Meet Their Demise in Ohio

Another white man up to no good in his rigged hood, also known as the system of white terrorism. This time forty year old Shawn Grate has been arrested for abducting an Ohio female. However, he is also being held on suspicions of three murders.

Shawn confessed to Ashland, Ohio police gestapo that he murdered multiple females in Richland County, Ohio. Stacey Stanley, aged forty three, disappeared near a BP service station this past Thursday, when her automobile suffered a flat tire. Her uncle Ron is quoted as saying:

“This nice guy stopped to help her and lured her somewhere and who knows what happened,”

Stacey’s son Curtis claims he found her abandoned vehicle and notified police gestapo. However, Ashland, Ohio police gestapo terrorists did not investigate further. Her son is suspicious that she is one of Shawn Grate’s murder victims.

Another female was approached by this white boy in a laundry facility. Stephanie Rocker is quoted as saying:

“He asked her to come over to the house. She said ‘no,’ and he said , ‘well, could I walk you home with your basket.'”

Another female named Elizabeth Griffith, has been reported missing as well. This female, Tracey Young, that had escaped this white savage was not reported missing. Also, this white boy has confessed to three total murders.

This white boy has a history of violent crimes, dating back to nineteen ninety four. He has been charged and or incarcerated for abduction, assault, aggravated menacing, and domestic violence. Veronica Stanley a cousin of a possible victim, claims she and familia started investigating this affair, before Ashland police gestapo terrorists did.

This white boy lived in an abandoned house. Ashland police gestapo were warned of him. However, it was possible victims familia that actually pounded on his door which led to his arrest.

As of this blog post creation, Shawn Grate has not been formally charged with any other crimes besides one abduction charge.