Shaun King – Black Lives Matter Activist Lies About Being Black?

Shaun King, a highly touted Black Lives Matter activist has been allegedly outed as another Rachel Dolezal. For years this “biracial” upright entity has claimed that his father was black and mother was white. However, a birth certificate from Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics, claims other wise.

Shaun King aged thirty five has a potential history of white washing, pun intended, some of his life experiences. For example he received a scholarship to attend Morehouse College by exclaiming he is black. Also, he has allegedly claimed, that in nineteen ninety five he was beaten by multiple racist rednecks, when in actuality he was in an altercation with one individual.

His real biological parents are Naomi Kay Fleming and Jeffery Wayne King and he was born on September seventeen, nineteen seventy nine in Versailles, Kentucky. Both his parents have been verified as being white. Shaun King’s brother is white and is a Kentucky Air National Guard military terrorist, whom regulary deploys to Afghanistan.

Shaun King writes for a liberal web site Daily Kos. Another interesting facet of this white wolf in sheep’s clothing, is that for years he has used black and white photographs online and often times not pictures in “color”. Many of his postings online seem to contradict themselves or details change.

Plenty of his stories of alleged abuse by white terrorists has been refuted. Even some reports from police terrorists have discounted his claims of being abused by white terrorism. Shaun King is married to a woman with color.

Shaun King claims he will not discuss issue of his race again. Shaun King became popular after Michael Brown was murdered by white Terrorist Darren Wilson. However, Shaun denies faking his way to becoming an activist celebrity.

He claims he has been an activist against the evil white empire for around twenty years.