Shannon Lamb – Delta State University Shooting Suspect at Large

Another shooting incident today September thirteen two thousand fifteen. What else is new in one of white people’s white colonies, AmeriKKKa. This time a white Delta State Univerisity professor named Dr. Ethan A. Schmidt, met his demise.

He supposedly was shot and killed in his office that this smaller three thousand five hundred student university in Cleveland, Mississippi. This Assistant Professor of American History was in his fifties and shot twice. A Bolivar County Deputy Coroner named Murray Roark allegedly confirmed this white professor Ethan A. Schmidt died.

As is proverbial in white AmeriKKKa a campus wide lockdown was initiated. Another white man that worked at Delta State Univerisity named Shannon Lamb is an alleged gunman. He is still at large and a manhunt has been issued for his immediate escort to a local Burger King restaurant ala Dylann Storm Roof, I mean arrest.

Cleveland Police Chief terrorist Charles “Buster” Bingha stated at a press conference that he thinks this suspect was aforementioned named Delta State University employee. This university is still on lockdown and this alleged shooter has left this campus supposedly. This same police chief claims that Shannon Lamb is suspected in another murder that transpired three hundred miles away Gautier, Mississippi.

A woman was found dead in her home and police are suspicious that both these incidents are related. All classes have been cancelled for rest of today. Perhaps these students can take a break from being brain white washed at this paid for temporary internment camp.

Don Allan Mitchell, an English professor at this university, was quoted as saying via a Facebook message to The Associated Propaganda I mean Press:

“Fortunately for us, our public safety officers and university officials have trained many of us for active shooter situations,”


“Many students are locked down in classrooms, and professors and staff members are telling them the protocol. Plus, we are all texting and Facebooking each other to make sure we are safe.”

A different Delta State University professor Bill Hays, disputes this assertion.

“It’s really frustrating because there is no campus wide updating from a central command center. Everything we’re getting is just rumors,”