Search For Truth – Is History Basically Lies and or Distortion?

An age old concept of searching for truth. Is history as told in books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, etc. really as factual as portrayed? Is it really more succinctly basically lies or distortion of reality used against citizenry?

The more I study history the more I have come to a conclusion that history in my perspective is a brain washing propaganda campaign. Perhaps that is why you have some kind of truth movement after some events of September eleven two thousand one in downtown Manhattan, New York. History was literally rewritten about 911 after some extensive searching.

Have other historical facts really been distortions of reality used to control minds of your average citizen? Also, I have noticed certain individuals in society get highly defensive if you question historical facts. I would think it is hard to obfuscate each and every action in history.

However, I think certain actions that occur, when delving deeper seem to create more unanswered questions. How many times have you noticed that a piece of history is corrected in society? There are too many topics discussed in society as truth to cover in just one blog post.

Massaging the masses of human brains is perhaps an age old practice. To me one reason for lying about history or to put it another way, distorting reality is to control what one thinks. Perhaps if an individual really found out what happened they would be in for quite a rude awakening.

I question most history because I definitely think current reality is and has been distorted in my short life. If current written history is deceptive, then why wouldn’t past history be wrong or not accurate. Some people argue that it is ridiculous to think history would be distorted intentionally.

My argument is that it makes sense with concepts like politics, government, military, etc. controlling a society.

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