Scott Westerhuis – Responsible For Demise of His Entire Family

The Attorney General of South Dakota Marty Jackley, announced today September twenty second a preliminary autopsy report of victims of an alleged house fire on September seventeen two thousand fifteen. Initially, a Westerhuis family of six was thought to have met their demise via a fire. It turns out that a white man Scott Westerhuis, allegedly shot them all and then suicided himself.

Nicole, Kailey, Jaeci, Connor and Michael Westerhuis met their demise not by fire but by fire arm. This event took place in Platte, South Dakota. Supposedly Scott Westerhuis set his house on fire before causing his own demise.

Scott was manager of Mid Central Educational Cooperative. A South Dakota Department of Legislative Audit found nefarious handling, pun intended, of four million three hundred thousand dollars of federal grant money for GEAR UP American Indian education program. This federal government program acronym stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs.

This Mid Central Educational Cooperative was caught before over paying employees two hundred fourteen thousand dollars. This audit found that five hundred copies of Microsoft software was valued by this coop at four thousand dollars each when public sales of this software is valued at four hundred niney nine dollars each. Perhaps this white man and his white wife were part of some kind of money laundering scheme?

I do not know. His wife also worked for Mid Central Education Cooperative. You see this coop claimed five hundred copies of Microsoft software. They valued each copy at four thousand dollars per for a total of two million dollars.

Five hundred copies of Microsoft software should have totaled two hundred forty nine thousand five hundred dollars. Perhaps this family met their demise over a missing one million seven hundred fifty thousand five hundred dollars. What I did not find much talk about when looking into this incident, is some people with color possibly losing out on $1.7 million dollars worth of educational opportunities.