Sandra Bland – Texas Police Terrorists Release Full Arrest Video

Texas State Police terrorists released a full dash cam video, documenting police terrorist Brian Encinia’s arrest of Sandra Bland. This fifty two minutes and thirteen second video is allegedly a full version of this incident. Brian Encinia pulled her over because she changed lanes without using a turn signal.

However, this incident turned violent as he eventually tased her. She was then arrested and died in the custody of Texas State terrorists. You see Brian Encinia is a white man and Sandra Bland is what white people would label black.

Also, Sandra Bland was video recording this traffic stop with her phone. Brian Encinia took exception to this and told her to put her phone on her car. Soon after this police terrorist, escalated this situation into violence.

Originally, Texas State Police claimed she committed suicide while in jail. Now there is an on going murder investigation. As is proverbial in white people’s system, the corrupt Federal Bureau of Insurgency is investigating this possible white homicide.

This rookie terrorist I mean police officer was quite a distance away from her, but quickly closed as he broke speed limits. Sandra Bland is a local Black Lives Matter activist. Brian Encinia broke traffic stop and courtesy protocols.

This murder investigation may lead to a grand jury. An original autopsy listed her death as suicide by hanging. However, coroner’s offices in America have lied about autopsy reports in past circumstances.

Brian Encinia of course has been placed on paid administrative leave.