San Francisco Bay – Berkeley Antifa Clash With Trump Supporters

Right wing Donald “Chump” Trump supporters, held a “No to Marxism in Berkeley” rally Sunday August twenty seven two thousand seventeen. Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, was the venue. The day prior, was mostly peaceful between the right and left lunatic fringe duality.

Sunday, was quite different. Allegedly, leftist Antifa outnumbered right wing Trump supporters and had a field day with them. Over one hundred San Francisco gestapo were deployed to this rally to no avail.

Initially, gestapo tried keeping counter protestors from even entering this venue, via bag searches. However, a crowd of around four hundred people tripled quickly. These gestapo then allowed individuals to climb over barricades.

For the second straight day, some Antifa meddled with journalists, which I am opposed to. You must remember I am an Individualist Pacifist Counter Racist anarchist. Over ten people were arrested and around six injuries were reported.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, attended this affair, pun intended. You see most of these right versus left clashes have really been WHITE versus WHITE. All forms of media in America have failed to report on this.

Joey had cancelled a right wing rally in Chrissy Park on Friday night. Ironically enough, thousands of non Anarchists showed up to voice their opposition to Donald Chump Trump and his policies. I have no fucking idea why right wingers even hold rallies in Berkeley, California which is supposedly leftist.

It is almost as if they are egging on the leftist’s. I don’t know. I do not choose sides in America so I am not surprised that the left are coming out more confrontational and violent.

Earlier this year between these right versus left clashes, the right wingers were quite violent and seemed to have out battled the leftists. The Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguín claimed that around seven thousand total people showed up to this right versus left dual. Supposedly, around one hundred Antifa Anarchists were present and look to have beaten pun intended and knocked out the ultra right wingers in this bout.