Sam Dubose – White Terrorist Ray Tensing Indicted For His Murder

A white police terrorist, Ray Tensing was indicted for the murder of Sam Dubose today. If a miracle occurs and he is found guilty, this white Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, terrorist might face life in prison. This white criminal, is employed by the Cincinnati Police Department which is a terrorist cell in my books.

Ray Tensing can receive a sentence of fifteen years to life. However, he is not facing a death penalty. A body cam video of this white terrorist attack was released yesterday. Initially Cincinnati Police terrorists were refusing to release this video. This is first time in this terrorist cell’s history, that a police criminal will be charged for murder.

This white Al Qaeda member pulled over this black male because he claimed he was missing a front license plate. As per usual with white people, Ray Tensing escalated this situation. He fired one lethal shot into head of Sam Dubose.

Police terrorist Tensing lied and claimed that Sam Dubose dragged him with his automobile. This dash cam video refutes that white washing. Sam Subose was also unarmed and did not become aggressive.

Joe Deters, a white prosecutor assigned to rig this case I mean serve justice for white people I mean prosecute this case, initially refused to turn over this video evidence. This white clown even claimed that it would take an Ohio supreme court to rule, before he would turn this video evidence to public demand. Ray Tensing faces another lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, as an option for jurors during this grand jury indictment.

Ironically, Cincinnati police terrorists are asking for peace and even are warning public citizenry of possible riots. Perhaps this fraternal order of police mafia syndicate is conspiring in secret to make that happen? Allegedly Ray Tensing whom was a campus police criminal was first placed on administrative leave, but now has been fired.