Sabrina Corgatelli РWoman Boasts About Killing Animals For Sport

Amid the Walter Palmer controversy, another possible white person took to social media and started boasting, bragging, gloating over her murders of animals for sport. This woman named Sabrina Corgatelli, is an Idaho State University accountant from McCammon in Idaho. Even after a famed Cecil African lion was murdered by white man Walter Palmer, this female reacted to people criticizing her own actions, with pomp and circumstance.

She routinely murders animals for fees around ten thousand fake federal reserve notes. Adding insult to injury she posts photos of her and these dead animals. Nothing like hugging a rotting corpse while taking photos with a possible fake smile.

One of her responses to criticism was “to all the haters, stay tuned, your gonna have so much more to be pissed about”. Also, this woman is a Christian. I guess she forgot one of those ten commandments, though shall not kill, unless it is a harmless passive Giraffe.

Allegedly, she has been paying Old Days Safari, for these bloody rampages. Most of these animals are murdered for prices from two thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars. However, hunting Giraffes is legal in Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has placed on hold killing lions, leopards and elephants, amidst the Walter Palmer affair, pun intended. This woman even boasted about getting out of a speeding ticket charge, when racing to a bear hunt. She has been on a wild rampage as of late since this serial murderer of animals at least to me is still in Africa on a violent safari.

No word on whether or not this possible animal terrorist is facing any legal problems.