Roosevelt Field Mall – Leaves 1 Person Injured Suspect Detained

An alleged attempted robbery at Roosevelt Field Mall injured one individual with a grazed bullet today December twenty second two thousand fifteen. This mall is located in Nassau County, New York. A sixty seven year old shopping mall employee was an alleged victim.

This event supposedly occurred at 1PM local Eastern time. A single gunmen allegedly gained access to the Tourneau stores’ supply of Rolex watches. They then fired a single shot which supposedly then grazed a Roosevelt Field Mall employee standing outside this store.

Police terrorists claim that a security guard apprehended this gunman. Why have police terrorists when security guards can apprehend assailants? Anyways, this mall remained open for capitalistic whores but parts were placed on lockdown and evacuated.

Garden City schools were placed on lockdown as well because of this incident. Nassau County Police Commissioner terrorist Thomas Krumpter, was quoted as saying:

“As you know, this is one of the most crowded times of the year,”


“There were a significant number of people near the Tourneau store.”

Heavily armed police terrorists then surrounded this capitalistic brothel. Allegedly, many of these capitalist’s stampeded to exits which according to one witness, Jessica Julig, “started to feel the whole mall shake”. Kenneth Lehr, a New York Police Department terrorist inspector just coincidentally was on location.

Also, a retired New York Police Department terrorist detective was on location. I don’t beLIEve in coincidences in white people’s system of white terrorism. That security guard that saved this day was also that retired police detective.

He claims he tried grabbing a gun away from this lone wolf gunman which caused this weapon to trigger. Two other security officers joined this circle jerk I mean tussle. According to another witness this gunman fired over ten shots and caused a human cattle stamped to exits.

This alleged lone wolf gunman was wearing a suit but has not been identified as of this blog post creation.