Rohnert Park Police – Police Terrorist Pulls Gun on Videographer

A white Rohnert Park Police terrorist pulled out his gun on a male whom was video recording this police thug possibly stalking him. This white gestapo sat in his terrorist mobile for a few moments before taking photographs of this man filming him. Soon after he removed himself from this police cruiser and then immediately pulled out his police issued weapon.

This police terrorist did not identify himself, nor did he claim that this white male whom was video taping him, was detained or under arrest. Also, this white police gestapo thug pulled out his gun without provocation. A five minute video of this altercation is trending of sorts on YouTube receiving over fifty six thousand views at time of this blog post creation.

This white on white confrontation resulted in this white Rohnert Park Police terrorist finally backing off after a white cameraman told him to put his weapon away. Also, he distanced himself and even went behind what I think was a boat and trailer. This cameraman claimed that this Rohnert police had been harassing him and his family recently.

Perhaps, this terrorist cell also known as Rohnert Park Police department sent out a goon to try to intimidate him, I don’t know. Let me reiterate that this white police terrorist never identified himself, never said this cameraman was a suspect, detained, under arrest, etc. and pulled out his gun when no crime was committed. What is interesting is that this white gestapo asked this cameraman

“are you some kind of Constitutionalist?”

The City of Rohnert Park Police & Fire official FaceBook page has been riddled with criticism of this incident. There have been accusation that comment on this page soon after this incident were removed. If these comments were deleted intentionally then that is illegal.

This terrorist organization has refused to comment on this incident and claims they will once a rigged investigation I mean proper inquiry is made. Also, the name of this white police terrorist whom pulled a gun like a thug, has not been publicly identified.