Roger Stone – Allowed to Speak at Fordham Jesuit University

Roger Stone the political operative as he is known as, was recently allowed to speak at Fordham University. This isn’t just any University to me, this is a Jesuit University. Many nefarious have been educated at this and the other official 27 Jesuit colleges and universities across the United States of America.

The college Republicans were allowed to choose a guest speaker. Low and behold they picked what I have concluded is a controlled opposition operative by the name of Roger Stone. This was not too long after Roger Stone was permanently banned from Twitter for posting racist, white supremacist, xenophobic tweets.

Why the in the world would they have picked Roger Stone of all people to guest speak? Also, he was the Fordham Jesuit Universities college Republicans first guest speaker of the year. I decided to intelligence gather upon Roger Stone.

He grew up in a Catholic family. I was not able to verify whether or NOT they or he is a Roman Catholic. Religion to me is a mental illness to the point of schizophrenia.

Anyways, Roger Stone has a history of derogatory behavior. He quickly became a political adviser for mostly Republican political candidates. This even includes political presidential puppets like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, Donald “Chump” Trump, etc.

Roger Stone was also a lobbyist at one point in his life. Currently, he hosts a radio and video show titled “War Room” on the info whores er I mean platform. Alex Jones is a big time controlled opposition shill to me so the fact that Roger Stone broadcasts on this platform is a huge white flag.

Let us turn to the inflammatory tweets shall we? Here are just a few of his prototypical tweets:

“you stupid stupid bitch -never denied perfectly legal back channel to…”

“Who is this fat negro Roland Martin on CNN and what qualifies him to give any analysis?”

“go fuck yourself u talent less ass wipe.”

“Jill Abramson reviewed all JFK anniversary book for NY Times she never mentioned mine– which outsold everyone she did review- DIE BITCH!”

These are just a small sampling of prototypical tweets from this white man. What a giant scumbag with a huge narcissistic ego. My point in writing this blog post is the fact that the young college Republicans from Fordham University would still invite this degenerative white man to speak.

I do NOT subscribe to politics and political puppet theater. I do NOT even vote, not even at the local level. Politics to me is disgusting, rigged, divide and conquer tactic, etc.

However, clowns like Roger Stone I think are more than just passionate political deviants. The term political operative is apropos. I would even label this clown a military operative. I am suspicious now that Roger is actually perhaps a Jesuit operative.

Nefarious Jesuit co-adjutor. Roger Stone did grow up into a Catholic family. He actually has multiple appearances on C-SPAN and other television shows.

You do not get television time by accident. Also, Roger has many connections to politicians, military, billionaires, etc. Why in the world would the Fordham Jesuit University college Republicans invite this white man to speak?

I have concluded that it is because he is a Jesuit. There are two types of nefarious Jesuits from what I have studied. I think non Jesuits can become Jesuit trained.

This training requires a shorter time period than if one were to become a full blown Jesuit. In order to become a full blown Jesuit you must be a good standing member of the Catholic church. No ex communications allowed here, allegedly.

While I am by no means a Jesuit expert, I have taken the time to study these religious freaks. The Jesuits have a history of causing problems world wide. Since Roger Stone grew up in a Catholic family, it is conceivable, at least to me that he could be a full blown Jesuit.

I want to share to you another piece of information about Roger Stone that could perhaps be hypocritical, at least to me. In 1996, Roger Stone was fired as a political adviser for Robert Dole’s presidential campaign. Roger Stone was exposed, no pun intended, as a swinger. He had recently remarried and he and his new wife turned towards swinging.

In other words these whore sluts would fuck other married couples. I could care less what other humans perform in private. However, I cannot ignore the hilarious hypocrisy of this.

Roger Stone was busted paying for advertisements in swingers magazines seeking new partners to infect, er I mean sleep with. Initially, Roger Stone denied these allegations but eventually a few years later admitted to paying for those advertisements. Why in the world would the young college Republicans at Fordham Jesuit University still extend an invitation from this cretin from hell?

I have concluded that it is because perhaps Roger Stone is a Jesuit. Although, allegedly the Fordham University young college Republicans are allowed to vote on whom they invite as guest speaker(s). Here is more hypocrisy at its finest.

This same political group denied two music groups from becoming guest speakers because of the content in their music lyrics. I thought that Roger Stone’s tweets were defamatory enough? I guess white supremacy is very lucrative for white people.

Also, I wonder if these guest speakers are paid for their time? There was some back lash due to this speaking engagement. I think there may have been even a small protest.

This is not a free speech issue to me. I support one hundred percent free speech. Twitter should not have banned this clown.

However, some of Roger Stone’s death threats should be taken seriously. That in of itself is another example of hypocrisy. What is a Catholic University doing inviting a guest speaker that is notorious for threatening people, even before the Internet age?

I have not yet found any direct military connections with Roger Stone and his immediate family, that could however change. However, I think I may have found a Jesuit connection. Is Roger Stone just a political operative or really a Jesuit coadjutor operative?

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