Racist Ads

The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept: a textbook workbook for thought, speech, and or action for victims of racism white supremacy also known as “The Code” by Neely Fuller Junior. This code was written to help victims of racism white supremacy, to solve a problem of racism white supremacy. Neely Fuller published this book in nineteen eight four.

Are advertisements in magazines, newspapers, on radio, television, Interent, etc. chalk full of racism? Their have been allegations of numerous racist ads even still in recent years. From candy, cake, pop chips, and even Loreal products, their are still racism in advertisements.

Perhaps reading Neely Fuller Junior’s companion United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept: a compensatory counter racist codified word guide could be beneficial for people of color to read in order to decrypt racist advertisements. As long as there is racism white supremacy perhaps there will be racism in advertising. Even racist television ads like a recent Cheerios cereal commercial received major flack.

Racist Ads

There might be racist words, epithets, slurs, etc. in advertising that is not easily discernable. By studying linguistics, more specifically English language might help to decode or at least become aware of racist ads. People will deny that racism still exists and will then deny ads are racist.

These ads might be discounted as accidental or not intentional. How can a racist ad have accidental racism when they were preplanned and scripted? Racist ads are nothing new and have been a staple of capitalism in the United States of America.

I’m sure there are and have been racist ads in other white colonies, but I just haven’t delved into ad campaigns from countries such as Canada, Russia, Britian, Australia, etc. Do you think racism in advertisements still persists concurrently contemporarily?