Rachel Kinsella – Charged With Felony Endangerment of a Child

A thirty five year old white woman, named Rachel Kinsella, has been charged with felony Endangerment of Welfare of a Child. She is accused of intentionally poisoning her nine year old son with prescription medications. She was arrested on November seven, two thousand fifteen and faced fifty thousand dollar bail.

Her son supposedly has episodes of epilepsy. Rachel Kinsella had been treating her son with multiple doses of medications from multiple hospitals. This type of translucent behavior caused doctors to become suspicious.

Also, doctors had noticed a pattern of drug over doses with this nine year old child since two thousand fourteen. Interestingly, Missouri is only state in AmeriKKKa that has not instituted a prescription database. You see doctors are not able to look up information about what medications their patients have ingested.

According to a prosecutor handling this case, Bob McCulloch:

The child, when he would present at the hospital in very serious condition, would get much better while he was there. When he was returned to her custody he got sick again. And apparently was being treated by two different doctors, apparently unknown to each other.

Rachel Kinsella has admitted to “accidentally” giving her son wrong medication “on occasion”. However, doctors claim they see a pattern of intentional poisoning. This white woman bonded out but was ordered to cease and desist any contact with her one offspring. Police investigators claim that Rachel has Munchausen by proxy and is poisoning her son to seek attention.

I think it is possible that that is just white washing in order to cover up debaucherous behavior by a white person. Rachel is currently fighting for custody of her child as well as facing these poisonous allegations pun intended.