Police Misconduct – Reasons Why You Should Never Talk With Police

James Duane, a professor at Regent law school and a former defense attorney, tells you why you should never agree to interview with police and explains why innocent people should never talk to police. George Bruch from the Virginia Beach police department responds to professor James Duane’s presentation. Legally, police are allowed to lie during police interrogations also known as interviews.

Police often times pressure people into admitting guilt, even when they are innocent. Police are trained to try to get a written confession. Even defense attorneys like James Duane will often times recommend an individual obtain legal counsel, even if they are innocent.

A verbal and or written confession can become devastating to an individual. There are cases when individuals have convictions overturned based on false confessions brought about by coercion. However, this might be an exception rather than a rule.

Mr. Duane’s overall assertion is that individuals should have an attorney or lawyer present when interacting with Police. Also, individuals can assert their fifth amendment right which allows them protection from self incrimination. Innocent people do get jail time and or sentenced believe it or not because they failed to obtain legal counsel to defend them.

With America’s Police state ever becoming more terrorist in my eyes, avoiding self incrimination is all too important. Even if you cannot afford paid legal counsel, a public defender at least is a witness of what was being discussed. James Duane brings up this point of having a witness, even juveniles having a parent as a witness is described.

The legal system can destroy even an innocent persons life. Police are not immune to corruption either. With a persons physical freedom at stake, why wouldn’t people take interacting with Police more seriously?

Curious about whether or not refraining from talking to Police is good legal advice?