Peter Lindemann – Nikola Tesla’s Longitudinal Electricity

Here are some amazing experiments proving Nikola Tesla’s work we did at Borderland labs in the late nineteen eighties. If you have ever wondered if there is more to a Tesla coil than just making big sparks then watch this video. Presented is a series of experiments providing you with factual data on a reality of Nikola Tesla’s theories.

You will see experiments on:

The One Wire Electrical Transmission System

The Wireless Power Transmission System

Transmission of Direct Current through Space

A novel form of electric light powered by a single wire which attracts material objects but repels a human hand! Also presented is a longitudinal ground broadcast from our lab to a nearby beach, using the Pacific Ocean as an antenna. These experiments can be reproduced by any competent researcher, there are no secrets here!

Today’s conceptions of a Nikola Tesla Coil provide a researcher with little practical material. Eric Dollard reintroduces “pancake” Nikola Tesla Coils in a series of experiments taken directly from Nikola Tesla’s work. No modern interpretations required, we went to a source, and it worked!

Construction details are given. If you want to do some exciting, exploratory work into Nikola Tesla’s theories, then this video will certainly give you a good start.