Paul Aker – Arrested by US Marshals Over Student Loan Debt

A person with color Paul Aker was recently arrested by United States Marshal terrorists for non payment of a twenty nine year old student loan. He claims seven Marshals showed up at his door with automatic rifles and arrested him. He says that they took him to a federal court where they pressured him into signing a payment plan.

His total student loan debt was only one thousand five hundred dollars in nineteen eighty seven. Also, these terrorists have twelve to fifteen hundred warrants for individuals with student loan debt. Adding insult to injury after pointing guns at him, the average student loan debt in AmeriKKKa is around thirty five thousand dollars.

Paul whom is forty eight years old, claimed that these United States Marshals grabbed him and threw him down on the ground while local police terrorists looked on. He is quoted verbatim about this incident:

“I say, What is this all about? They say, Shut up, you know what this is all about. I don’t have a clue.

You know what this is all about. You could have sent me a letter. You could have called me.

But you were already at my door. It was because they knew I was a registered gun owner. It’s out of control.

Out of control. What if they had seen a gun on me? They would have shot me for 1,500 bucks.”

Paul Aker was told to pay five thousand seven hundred dollars including some interest and one thousand three hundred dollars for his arrest. Also, he was threatened with another arrest if he didn’t pay this amount by March first two thousand sixteen. He is trying to obtain legal counsel.

Allegedly, a federal prosecutor ended up being a collection agent. The United States Marshals obtained an arrest warrant after Paul did not show up for a court ordered judgement against him.