Patrick Rushing – White Mayor Wants Barack & Michelle Obama Hanged

A white mayor of Airway Heights, Washington named Patrick Rushing, whom is “ex” military has suggested that both President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle should be hanged. This is nothing new for this possible white terrorist. He has made around seventy five racist comments towards people with color on his Facebook account.

This white man has admitted publicly to referring to Barack Obama as “monkey man” and Michelle Obama as “gorilla face”. However, this translucent has refused to resign as mayor. These comments have led Airway Heights city council to request his resignation.

As a matter of fact they are having a council meeting at 5:30 PM local time today to allegedly vote on sanctions that might include his removal. This white clown is compensated two thousand fake federal reserve notes per month to run this small suburb near Spokane, Washington into the ground. Also, he has attacked homosexuals, and immigrants.

Patrick Rushing is a Christian. In context, this possible hooded KKK member said that both Barack and Michelle Obama should “hang for treason”. Sanctions being threatened by a local city council include limiting his involvement on board and commissions.

White man Patrick Rushing claims he refuses to resign his position as mayor over these admitted racist remarks because then that would make him a racist which he denies being. Allegedly, this white clown is fighting cancer. Perhaps he will succumb to this problem as natural Karma.

You can check out a slew of Patrick Rushing’s Facebook posts screen captured.