Palestine – is Another World Really Possible in Palestine?

Another world is possible in Palestine as well as Fort Hood resistance against deployment of third armored cavalry regiment to Iraq. Not often heard are some voices of peace cried out from some people who’s lives are destroyed by occupying forces. Those who are intent on creating divides among some people of the world use bigotry, and prejudice, as guises to justify their inhumane actions while embezzling resources.

Occupier Occupied is a collection of studies documenting some dissenting voices from a generation of people deeply affected by injustices levied by weak men, far removed from their victims. These studies dispel some occupiers propaganda which suggests these people are all terrorists and gives back a microphone to a collection of voices never heard, only sanitized. Five peace activists successfully blockaded six buses carrying Fort Hood Soldiers deploying to Iraq outside Fort Hood’s Clarke gate this morning at around four a.m.

While those activists took a width of Clarke Road and slowed buses to a halt, police made no arrests, but instead beat some activists out of those streets using automatic weapons and police dogs so deploying soldiers could proceed. Among those blockading were three veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and one military spouse. An action, organized by a group calling themselves “Fort Hood Disobeys,” was aimed at preventing a deployment of the third armored cavalry regiment soldiers to what some veterans termed an illegal and immoral occupation.

While standing in a street, activists held banners reading “Occupation is a Crime” and “Please Don’t Make a Same Mistake we Did Resist Now”. From the Texas highway one ninety overpass, additional supporters attempted to hang larger banners that read, “Tell the Brass: ‘KISS MY ASS’ Your family needs you more” “Sick of Fighting Your Wars” and “Colonel Allen [Third Armored Cavalry Regiment commander]: Do not deploy wounded Soldiers”. This latest deployment comes less than two weeks after President Barack Obama announced a second end to combat operations in Iraq.

Fort hood disobeys organizer’s denounced this as a lie, and pointed to a deployment of the third Armored Cavalry Regiment, a combat regiment, to Iraq as clear proof. They have stated they will continue to organize direct action in a Fort Hood community to oppose wars as long as troops continue to deploy.