Seattle Seahawks Update – on Police Threatening Michael Bennett

Another incident where by police gestapo in America threaten a person with color. I don’t really care about breads and circuses. However, no person to me is immune to the system of white terrorism.

This time another National Football League player speaks out about racist society in America. Michael Bennett claims that a Las Vegas police department gestapo member terrorist threatened to cap him in the head. He claims this occurred last month in August of two thousand seventeen.

Michael claims he was in Las Vegas Nevada when he and a crowd of people heard gunshots. A few minutes later police gestapo showed up and as the terrorists that they are, pointed their weapons at him.

“Like many of the people in the area I ran away from the sound, looking for safety. Las Vegas police officers singled me out and pointed their guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

I would not be surprised nor would I doubt that this occurred. Michael had ran away from those gun shots. A police gestapo terrorist allegedly told him to get on the ground and stipulated he would “blow my fucking head off” if he moved.

Another gestapo terrorist assisted by jamming his knee in Michael’s back, making it difficult for him to breathe. Also, these violent savages tightened his handcuffs so tight, that some of his fingers went numb. Michael was released after sitting in a terrorist mobile and his identity verified.

Interestingly enough Michael has choose not to stand for the American Nazi national anthem, during National Footbal Leage games, like the currently unemployed Colin Kaepernick. Michael has obtained legal counsel and is working on a possible civil rights lawsuit. A short video has been released on the Internet showing parts of his arrest.

It was obvious to me one police terrorist had a handgun in his right hand. Another terrorist was handcuffing Michael. As of the time of this blog post creation, I was not able to find out any names of these savage police.

Burning Man Festival – Attendee Dies After Running Into Flames

A man died after running into flames at the Burning Man Festival, September third two thousand seventeen. I guess his future just went up in flames. I have no fucking idea why anyone would dive into this festival’s flames.

Aaron Mitchell aged forty one, perhaps thought that he was super man? I guess each year this festival has multiple huge fire ceremonies. He was able to run through a large perimeter human security shield.

This festival occurs each year at Black Rock desert, which is one hundred miles north of Reno, Nevada. I have never attended a burning man festival, nor do I ever plan on attending this event. This American citizen allegedly lives in Switzerland.

Authoritative goons don’t know if this was an intentional act or a symptom of drug use. This clown was not under the influence of alcohol. A toxicology report has not been completed.

This man ran up to a forty foot burning effigy, which I guess is always performed on Saturday before labor day. By the way I boycott all national holidays, including Labor Day. Sheriff goons claimed that they had to stop their rescue efforts because of safety.

You see this forty foot burning efigy was beginning to collapse. They waited until this efigy fell to try to rescue Aaron. By that time it was too late, even though he was air lifted to a nearby hospital.

However, to me you reap what you sow. Perhaps there is such a thing as survival of the fittest. I almost think this story should be included on the Darwin Awards website.

I am trying to find any logic in this version of reality. Organizers of this event claim this was first time anyone had breached security and were able to actually run into the Burning Man flames. For once that is an apropos title for a festival.

“People try to run into the fire as part of their spiritual portion of Burning Man. The significance of the man burning, it’s just kind of a rebirth, they burn the man to the ground, a new chapter has started. It’s part of their tenets of radical self-expression.”

Burning Man was moved to it’s current location in Northern Nevada in nineteen ninety.

Hydrogen Bomb Test – Performed First Time Ever by North Korea

As an anarchist I don’t support any nation states. Today, September third two thousand seventeen, North Korea allegedly performed their first ever test of a hydrogen bomb. This device is supposedly a nuclear device.

The United States has the most nuclear devices on planet Earth. To me, all governments and their militaries planet wide are terrorist organizations, as they are known to murder innocent humans. Anyways, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea claims they have a nuclear device that can be attached to a missile that could land in America.

Also, they claim that this device is actually a hydrogen bomb. This bomb is supposedly sevent times larger than the hydrogen bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. This is supposedly North Korea’s sixth ever nuclear test.

This does not affect me emotionally one bit, as again I am an Anarchist that is opposed to all government and military planet wide. China, Japan, and South Korea denounced these tests in public. However, who knows what these lunatic nation states communicate to each other privately.

Vipin Narang called this a “city buster” type detonation device. He was quoted verbatim as saying:

“Now, with even relatively inaccurate intercontinental ballistic missile technology, they can destroy the better part of a city with this yield.”

That kind of a quote does not warm my heart. However, when the United States military murders countless babies, children, women in foreign lands, that does not warm my heart either. Obviously, I am speaking metaphorically.

Although, being too close to epicenter of a nuclear blast, may literally warm your heart. This test took place at noon local North Korean time at the Punggye-ri testing site. According to the United States Geological Survey, this blast caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake reading.

Japan’s military deployed sniffer planes to try to sniff for radiation levels. Not a very good nasal addiction to have. North Korea successfully tested it’s first ever Inter Continental Ballistic Missile this past July.

After a second successful test, they deduced that one of their missiles could reach Chicago or Denver. I happen to live in this dump called Denver, COLORado. North Korea claims that these hydrogen bombs are made only using parts and labor from within this nation state.

As is proverbial with arrogant Americans, some have doubts to whether or not North Korea really has developed and tested a hydrogen Inter Continental Ballistic Missile. Some international independent nuclear scientists have claimed that this device had around one hundred kilotons of energy yield.

This would be seven to eight times more energy than that hydrogen bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. South Korea’s meterology department claims that North Korea’s recent missile testings are getting exponentially greater. What is ironic is that the United States controlled by white people is the only nation state ever to use nuclear weapons against another nation state.

Two hydrogen bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am not defending North Korea’s government military. I am just pointing out facts.

This hydrogen bomb test was supposedly under ground. There are photos of the puppet North Korean president Kim Jong un inspecting what is claimed as the hydrogen device being loaded into an Inter Contintental Ballistic Missile. However, there ares skeptics claiming they would need to see photos of this alleged missile test.

University of Utah Health Care – Nurse Alex Wubbels False Arrest

The system of white terrorism steam rolls ahead. This time another white on white confrontation took place, in Utah. A University of Utah Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels was falsely arrested by a white Salt Lake City police gestapo terrorist named Jeff L. Payne.

This female was white as well. This gestapo goon Jeff was allegedly investigating a car accident. Part of his supposed investigation was to demand a blood sample from a sedated patient.

However, this is not legal for a police jack booted thug to just demand a blood sample from a hospital patient. I have talked about and written about at great lengths, on how white people will when necessary make shit up as they go along. Here to me is another excellent example.

This nurse stood her ground so to speak. This hospital’s policy with regards to blood sample requests falls under three basics. They do NOT release any blood samples to anyone unless:

* Patient is under arrest
* Patient consent
* Police search warrant signed by a judge

This police gestapo demanded that Alex release a blood sample to him as part of his alleged “investigation”. She kept declining his illegal request to no avail. She even soliceted approval from other hospital management.

This white terrorist, Jeff L. Payne, then began to threaten her with arrest. Threatening an arrest on a person to get what you want out of them might be another illegal tactic that this gestapo scum used. Abusing your status as an authority figure comes to mind.

Anyways, eventually this white man arrested this white woman in a rough manner that was caught on video. Two to three other white male hospital staff tried to diffuse this situation and talk some sense to the wild white savage Jeff. He preceded with the false arrest and even claimed that this nurse was interfering with his investigation.

Why was this police gestapo so obsessed with obtaining a blood sample without going through the proverbial white rules? Perhaps he was trying to access evidence first, to try to cover something up? Who knows I don’t know.

“If I don’t get to get the blood, I’m taking her to jail. I either go away with blood in vials or body in tow. That’s my only two choices.”

Lame apologies from two bureaucrats, Salt Lake City mayor Jackie Biskupski, and police gestapo chief Mike Brown. By the way similar tactics were used in Nazi Germany by their police goons. This gestapo terrorist has since been placed on administrative leave.

Another police gestapo member was placed on administrative leave after this kidnapping. I am not defending this white woman, but merily reporting. To me it is very possible that these two goons are still receiving compensation as we speak.

A driver fleeing from police died and that is why this police goon was investigating this particular patient. This patient was involved in a vehicle accident caused by the fleeing driver. Many americans die needlessly running from police terrorists in America each year.

To me the system of white terrorism is all about control. Lives could be saved by police not getting involved in dangerous high speed pursuits. To me there is no reason to pursue a suspect at such high speed, while endangering other citizens as long as that individual did not hurt or kill anyone.

I often wonder if these white people running this system ever use any logic? This white woman Alex, was never actually officially arrested. She was detained and placed in handcuffs for around twenty minutes.

In other words she was kidnapped by a stranger with a weapon. There are at least two different videos of this incident. One from Jeff the police terrorist’s body cam.

A second police terrorist body cam video footage. Perhaps this was two white people butting heads authoritatively. Who knows I don’t know, but this is very useful video footage for people with color to view.

The Dominican Republic – Emely Peguero Has Been Found Dead

A teenage pregnant mother’s body has been found in the Dominican Republic. Emely Peguero, whom was reported missing for weeks now, finally turned up dead. Authority goons in this island nation, allegedly increased a search for an alleged perpetrator.

Some reports claim that her boyfriend Marlon Martinez was responsible. He supposedly was the last person to have seen her. She was scheduled to have a doctors appointment at Medical Center of San Francisco de Macorís.

This is when she supposedly found out she was pregnant. However, she may have been five months pregnant. How could she have not known she was pregnant? Anyways, her mother claims she think Emely had an abortion and then died.

Another report claims that her boyfriend Marlon, murdered her and disposed of her body in a garbage disposal. She went missing on August twenty third two thousand seventeen. Also, supposedly Marlon’s mother Marlin paid one hundred thousand in Dominican Pesos, to get rid of Emely’s body.

She may have bled in her boyfriend’s bathroom, leaving evidence. One post on Facebook claims that the alleged perpetrators may be a political family with paid politicians. Her boyfriend Marlon is twenty one and allegedly has confessed to her murder.

Her deceased body was found inside a suitcase in Espaillat province Dominican Republic. A preliminary identification of her was performed. An autopsy has been scheduled but not performed yet.

Marlin and Marlon are both allegedly in police gestapo custody. However, local citizens were outraged at the lack of action from police investigators. This sounds just like the pathetic police in America.

I was able to verify that indeed Marin Martinez is a Dominican Republic politician. Government criminals is nothing just epidemic in America. She is deputy director of passports, deputy of PRD, and another position to the local mayor.

Fox News Channel – Hires Tomi Lahren as a Contributor

Faux Pas News also known as Fox News Network Limited Liability Corportion has hired Tomi Lahren. She will become a contributor to this right wing conservative republican libertarian propaganda news media whore outlet. She will not get her own show, yet.

For now she will be a contributor to Sean Hannity’s show “Hannity”. Recently, Tomi worked for another controlled opposition shill, Glenn Beck. She had her own show titled “Tomi”.

However, she was suspended by Glenn Beck for endorsing abortion, which is a left wing idealogy. She then filed a lawsuit against Glenn Beck’s network in May two thousand seventeen. Tomi was born into a military terrorist family from Rapid City, South Dakota.

At one time she was dating an active duty military terrorist Jerad Christian whom is a Navy Seal. America to me is a military dictatorship full of military violent savages. Anyways, Tomi is a white supremacist to some with her views on groups like Black Lives Matter.

She made her debut on Sean Hannity’s show already, which airs its propaganda week nights at 10 PM eastern time. Faux Pas news claims that she will have a greater role in the future. Perhaps this was all engineered to make Tomi’s popularity rise.

I don’t know, but am skepticle of the whole Glenn Beck fiasco. Apparently her defense of abortion has not tainted her conservative image.

“I am blessed and honored to join the Fox News team. This exciting new step will allow me to give voice to all the America-loving patriots who have had my back since day one. I will remain a solid and passionate advocate for you,”

Tom Lahren worked for Great America Alliance, which is a Political Action Committee that Helped (s)elect Donald “Chump” Trump, after her seperation from Glenn Beck’s network. However, she was quoted in May regarding her working for this group as saying:

…This isn’t about being a Trump cheerleader…

UNC Chapel Hill – Deny White Supremacist Richard B Spencer Speech

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus has denied white supremacist terrorist Richard B. Spencer from speaking on their campus. This decision was made August thirty two thousand seventeen. Richard claims he and his National Policy Institute organization would submit a lawsuit.

Richard has had a federal step in at the eleventh hour before and protect his free speech. I think it is possible that this white supremacist will be allowed to speak. I could certainly be wrong.

Richard B. Spencer was in attendance during the white terrorist attacks that transpired earlier in August in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Chancellor at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill claims that she decided to veto Richard to avoid potential violence. Carol L. Folt’s memo is quoted verbatim:

Message from Chancellor Carol L. Folt on outside speaker decision

Dear Campus Community:

Because of serious concerns about campus safety, I have declined a request from the National Policy Institute to rent space for Richard Spencer to speak on campus.

I made this decision after consultation with UNC Police and local and state law enforcement agencies who have thoroughly assessed the risks such an event could bring to Carolina. Our basis for this decision is the safety and security of the campus community—we are not willing to risk anyone’s safety in light of these known risks.

I am deeply saddened and disturbed that the violent and virulent rhetoric being espoused by extremist groups has jeopardized the ability of campuses to promote robust dialogue and debate about important issues while ensuring public safety.

One way to counter this is to promote and encourage our campus community to engage in constructive conversation. I hope as many of you as possible will help kick off this year’s Carolina Conversations on Wednesday, Sept. 6, with a program called “The First Amendment and Free Speech at UNC.” This discussion will explore topics including what the First Amendment protects at a public university. More details are available at the UNC Diversity and Inclusion website.

Thank you for your attention to this important update.


Carol L. Folt

I was not able to find out when this white Al Qaeda member was requesting to rent space for a klan rally, I mean free speech rally. Perhaps it was September six two thousand seventeen to coincide with this campus’s “The First Amendment and Free Speech at UNC”. Who knows, I don’t know.

Clovis New Mexico – Public Library Shooting Cause 2 Deaths

Another public shooting incident occurred in the system of mental illness, August twenty eight two thousand seventeen. This time a gunman went tinto Clovis Carver Public library in Clovis, New Mexico and started capping people. Two people died and four others were injured.

A white male suspect was seen in police gestapo custody. Two females died, while two other females were injured. Two males were also injured in this shooting.

This incident allegedly occurred around 5PM local time. One report claims that a potential white suspect is a teenager. Another report claims that six people were injured not four.

One report claims that this shooting occurred at around 4PM local time. There is a Clovis Canon Air Force Base nearby. Perhaps a violent savage military man perpetrated this event.

Who knows, I don’t know. The shooting suspect was questioned on Monday.

However, as of the time of this blog post creation, I was not able to verify the identity of this suspect. There are very few details about this shooting incident. Three victims were taken to a Lubbock, Texas hospital.

One witness, Vanessa Aguirre, claimed she witnessed the gunman with her son.

“It all happened so fast,” she said. “We took off fast. My purse is still in there.”

One white woman was seen being carried into an ambulance with flood on her left arm. Lisa Baird another witness claims that the perpetrator fired bullets right in front of her. The young gunman was perplexed as to why she didn’t run.

“Run! Why aren’t you running? I’m shooting at you! Run!”

Sam Nathavong claims that the gunman fired four or five shots before he approached him.

“He just started unloading, pretty much the whole clip. I just kept my head down. I threw the table against the door to barricade myself in there.

I thought he was coming my way but by then the cops got there.”

When confronted by police gestapo, this suspect did not get into a shootout and surrendered.

San Francisco Bay – Berkeley Antifa Clash With Trump Supporters

Right wing Donald “Chump” Trump supporters, held a “No to Marxism in Berkeley” rally Sunday August twenty seven two thousand seventeen. Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, was the venue. The day prior, was mostly peaceful between the right and left lunatic fringe duality.

Sunday, was quite different. Allegedly, leftist Antifa outnumbered right wing Trump supporters and had a field day with them. Over one hundred San Francisco gestapo were deployed to this rally to no avail.

Initially, gestapo tried keeping counter protestors from even entering this venue, via bag searches. However, a crowd of around four hundred people tripled quickly. These gestapo then allowed individuals to climb over barricades.

For the second straight day, some Antifa meddled with journalists, which I am opposed to. You must remember I am an Individualist Pacifist Counter Racist anarchist. Over ten people were arrested and around six injuries were reported.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, attended this affair, pun intended. You see most of these right versus left clashes have really been WHITE versus WHITE. All forms of media in America have failed to report on this.

Joey had cancelled a right wing rally in Chrissy Park on Friday night. Ironically enough, thousands of non Anarchists showed up to voice their opposition to Donald Chump Trump and his policies. I have no fucking idea why right wingers even hold rallies in Berkeley, California which is supposedly leftist.

It is almost as if they are egging on the leftist’s. I don’t know. I do not choose sides in America so I am not surprised that the left are coming out more confrontational and violent.

Earlier this year between these right versus left clashes, the right wingers were quite violent and seemed to have out battled the leftists. The Berkeley mayor Jesse Arreguín claimed that around seven thousand total people showed up to this right versus left dual. Supposedly, around one hundred Antifa Anarchists were present and look to have beaten pun intended and knocked out the ultra right wingers in this bout.

State of New Jersey – Labels Antifa Anarchist Extremists

The State of New Jersey, which to me is a domestic terrorist organization, basically labeled Antifa domestic terrorists or according to their bulletin “Anarchist Estremists: Antifa”. They released this bulletin on June twelve two thousand seventeen. All governments and their militaries to me fall under the definition of terrorism.

Antifa stands for Anti Fascism. This idealogy is nothing new. This idealogy dates back to at least the nineteen thirties.

Ironically enough, Antifa fought the German fascists in nineteen thirties Germany. You must remember, government is an abstraction. However, real humans make government and military function.

Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, is to me a bonafide terrorist. Most if not all politicians in America are paper and pen terrorists to me. Chris Christie wanted to track illegal immigrants as if they were Fedex packages.

I’m not making that up. Antifa are not a centralized group. Some people claim there are around two hundred Antifa groups in America.

Nobody knows for certain. I am not a right or left Anarchist. Antifa has left or far left idealogies.

However, at times they fight bigotry, racism, sexism, etc. Some Antifa groups admit they will use acts of physical force. However, this year the alternative right and mainstream right groups have perpetrated quite a few acts of violence themselves.

People have been killed and severily injured in these right versus left clashes. The Antifa bulletin from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security did label far right groups that have clashed with Antifa as “Extremists”. I am a pacifist anarchist and don’t support any offensive violence.

However, you have a right to defend yourself from a person(s). As long as nobody gets physically hurt or killed, who fucking cares. The great irony to me is that a real terrorist organization, the New Jersey government, would label another group extremist.

Antifa has been battling white supremacy in recent years. Perhaps that is why some state governments are labeling them extremist now. Chris Christie is a repugnant, I mean Republican that ran for puppet president in two thousand sixteen.

I would support Antifa only to a certain extent. When it comes to offensive physical force, I cannot align myself with them. That is why I am glad I am an Individualist Pacifist Counter Racist Anarchist.

Most clashes between right versus left this year, have been perpetrated by white people. That to me is another important point of contention as a person that is NOT white. To me what is important is being honest and truthful about when certain groups perpetrate violence and not to get into a right versus left emotional duality.