Rachel Kinsella – Charged With Felony Endangerment of a Child

A thirty five year old white woman, named Rachel Kinsella, has been charged with felony Endangerment of Welfare of a Child. She is accused of intentionally poisoning her nine year old son with prescription medications. She was arrested on November seven, two thousand fifteen and faced fifty thousand dollar bail.

Her son supposedly has episodes of epilepsy. Rachel Kinsella had been treating her son with multiple doses of medications from multiple hospitals. This type of translucent behavior caused doctors to become suspicious.

Also, doctors had noticed a pattern of drug over doses with this nine year old child since two thousand fourteen. Interestingly, Missouri is only state in AmeriKKKa that has not instituted a prescription database. You see doctors are not able to look up information about what medications their patients have ingested.

According to a prosecutor handling this case, Bob McCulloch:

The child, when he would present at the hospital in very serious condition, would get much better while he was there. When he was returned to her custody he got sick again. And apparently was being treated by two different doctors, apparently unknown to each other.

Rachel Kinsella has admitted to “accidentally” giving her son wrong medication “on occasion”. However, doctors claim they see a pattern of intentional poisoning. This white woman bonded out but was ordered to cease and desist any contact with her one offspring. Police investigators claim that Rachel has Munchausen by proxy and is poisoning her son to seek attention.

I think it is possible that that is just white washing in order to cover up debaucherous behavior by a white person. Rachel is currently fighting for custody of her child as well as facing these poisonous allegations pun intended.

Lisa Mearkle – Walks Free After David Kassick Met His Demise

On November fifth two thousand fifteen, thirty six year old white terrorist, at least to me, Lisa Mearkle was found not guilty by a jury in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. You see I reported on this white broad savage earlier this year. There is an open and shut case type video on YouTube that clearly shows she murdered her victim fifty nine year old white man David Kassick.

Lisa Mearkle has been on paid vacation by the Hummelstown police department, also known as a terrorist organization, since this incident first transpired earlier this year. This to me is proverbial procedural protocol by white people in their system of white terrorism. This white female police terrorist was facing third degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter charges.

Lisa Mearkle plans on returning to a terrorist cell known as Hummelstown police department and resume murdering people I mean enforcing law. Meanwhile, white man David Kassick’s family is going to allegedly file a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court. What is interesting to me in this case, is that their was an obvious white washing concerning a video of this incident.

Hummelstown police refused to release this video to a jury that indicted her as a murderer. This police terrorist syndicate released this video after a verdict was read, perhaps adding insult to injury intentionally. All of this white drama queen drama king affair pun intended was a result of Lisa Mearkle taking away David Kassick’s natural right to travel free over a fucking expired license plate sticker.

This to me is just how white people roll in their system of white terrorism. They are megalomaniac kleptomaniac communist socialist control freak fundamentalist’s. Finally, this white woman used an age old excuse for murder, she claimed she feared for her life.

Did Anonymous Start Releasing Ku Klux Klan List Prematurely?

Anonymous hacking group was scheduled to release an alleged list of Ku Klux Klan members that was obtained. However, Saturday November fifth two thousand fifteen, names of alleged Ku Klux Klan members were released. Anonymous claims they were going to wait until November fifth two thousand fifteen to release this list.

Anonymous has officially denied releasing any real Ku Klux Klan members today. This group claims that some other rogue anonymous group released these names. Some police and political clowns were on this perhaps premature or bogus list.

This list of Ku Klux Klan members was released on PasteBin.com and announced via Twitter. Multiple Mayors were called at as Ku Klux Klan members. However, most of them denied this allegation.

Four separate PasteBin listings were released. Fifty Seven total phone numbers and twenty three total email addresses were released. The Ku Klux Klan which is a accepted white terrorist organization, according to my studies was actually created by Albert Pike, a white Freemason.

However, my studies could be flawed. What is not flawed is the historical terrorism perpetrated by this white terrorist cell against people with color. The real Anonymous group has promised to release one thousand names from real Ku Klux Klan members on November fifth two thousand fifteen.

Allegedly, Anonymous chose November fifth to release this list of Ku Klux Klan members because this date is one year anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown by white terrorist Darren Wilson. Ironically and or interestingly enough November fifth is Guy Fawkes day. Are these names released today in any way shape or form legitimate?

Was this just a rouse by a rogue anonymous group? Will anonymous really release one thousand names? I’m curious to see what names show up.

In my dogmatic subjective perspective similar “authority” figures in this white colony will be released. Police, politicians, and other individuals tied to government military have had ties to the Ku Klux Klan terrorist organization in past years.

Russian Flight 9268 Crashes in Sinai Peninsula Egypt Near Cairo

A Metrojet flight 9268 crashed near Cairo, Egypt on October thirty first two thousand fifteen. All two hundred twenty four individuals are thought to have met their demise. This flight crashed supposedly twenty three minutes after take off.

This Airbus A321 actually crashed in the Sinai Peninsula which is near Cairo, Egypt. This airliner was traveling from Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt to Saint Petersburg, Russia. Cause of this airplane crash is not known at time of this blog post creation.

Two hundred seventeen passengers, seventeen children, and seven crew members allegedly did not survive. This Metrojet flight 9268 supposedly disappeared off radar after twenty two minutes into this flight. This Airbus A321 split into two pieces during this incident.

This plane supposedly requested an emergency landing and complained about one engine with problems. However, a pre-flight inspection gave an all clear signal. Reports from FlightRadar24.com claim that this airliner was at thirty one thousand feet altitude when disappearing from radar.

This airplane then started descending six thousand feet per minute. Airbus released a statement acknowledging that this airplane was an A321-200 model, manufactured in nineteen ninety seven, and was part of an active fleet for Metrojet since two thousand twelve.

The Russian government military ordered an investigation into this incident. Most passengers on board were Russian tourists allegedly. There was a rumored video created by ISIS that claimed responsibility for this airplane crash.

However, it has since been debunked as an airplane in that video was not the same Metrojet Airbus A321-200. You can check out more information about the crash of Metrojet flight 7K9268 from FlightRader24.com.

FBI Lying About National Liberation Militia Anarchist Group?

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency today October twenty seven two thousand fifteen, released a bulletin to police terrorist departments in New York City, New York and other parts of the United States. This bulletin warns police terrorists of possible attacks against them on Halloween. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency, which to me is a domestic terrorist group in of itself, claims that an anarchist group called National Liberation Militia is planning to surprise attack police terrorists on Halloween.

This anarchist group is allegedly based out of Eugene, Oregon. I was only able to find one piece of evidence that this group might even exist. This National Liberation Militia FaceBook page has no content and just five likes at time of this blog post creation.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency has a historical history of using under cover agents to pose as fake anarchists. This agency then blames this provocation on anarchists. As a matter of fact the Federal Bureau of Ineptitude has historically created and infiltrated anarchist groups with their own agents like Brandon Darby.

Is this nefarious United States government military alphabet soup agency making up another lie? Will anything of consequence occur this Halloween? Perhaps if any events transpire, directly targeted towards police terrorists, then they will possibly be masterminded by the Federal Bureau of Insurgency themselves.

I find it extremely suspicious that there is literally no information about this National Liberation Militia on the Internet, and yet they are supposedly planning attacks against United States police gestapo. Also, the Federal Bureau of Insurgent corruption did not stipulate this on their official FBI.gov website. Instead this agency used the military mainstream media to announce this information.

We shall see what transpires on Halloween. If I was a betting man I would say this is old school FBI propaganda to fear monger and label anarchists as violent among other tactics. This might be as phony as the phony war on terror.

Ben Fields – Richland County Sheriff Thug Drags Innocent Teen Girl

Another white thug attacked a person with color today October twenty sixth two thousand fifteen. This time Ben Fields a Richland County Sheriff terrorist assaulted a teen girl at Spring Valley High School. You see Richland County sheriff terrorists are assigned to this school as resource terrorists I mean “resource officers”.

Spring Valley High School is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This white terrorist grabbed what white people would label a black female by her arms and dumped her out of her chair. He then dragged this high school student and then arrested her.

This white scum assaulted her because allegedly she refused to leave this classroom. I’ve never heard of a law making it illegal to leave a temporary internment camp room. However, in white peoples system of white terrorism, most anything is possible.

This white terrorist supposedly has been given a cease and desist order meaning he should not fixate himself in any schools within this same district. Superintendent of control and brain white washing I mean of schools was quoted as saying:

“Pending the outcome of the investigation, the District has directed that the SRO not return to any school in the District.”

This is not first time that this white Al Qaeda, white Isis, white terrorist scum has terrorized people with color. You see this Richland County Sheriff terrorist is facing a federal lawsuit. Ashton James Reese has filed a lawsuit against this white terrorist claiming that this Sheriff lied and profiled him solely because of his color.

Another person with color labeled most likely “Mexican” by white people tried suing Ben Fields in two thousand seven in federal court for basically racial profiling. This white ISIS member has had numerous complaints by students at Spring Valley High School for years now. In two thousand twelve Ben Fields slammed a pregnant teen girl.

Some of these allegations have surfaced on Twitter. This white terrorist is a Christian and grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. You can contact Spring Valley High School whom harbored this white terrorist and voice your disdain at:

Senior Deputy Ben Fields
Spring Valley High School
Principal Temoney

You can contact this white terrorist organization the Richland County Sheriff’s office and voice your disdain at:


ZombiCon – Expavious Tyrell Taylor Met His Demise at This Event

A person with color met their demise Saturday October seventeen two thousand fifteen at ZombiCon. Expavious Tyrell Taylor aged twenty allegedly became a fatality and five other persons were injured in Fort Myers, Florida. Four individuals were hospitalized and one person denied medical attention.

ZombiCon is an annual event of clowns dressed as Zombies. Twenty thousand people were expected to attend this event in two thousand fifteen. Shortly before midnight around eleven forty five PM, this shooting incident transpired.

Tyrell Taylor aged twenty and a local junior college attendee died at this scene. Supposedly, people that attended this event began running down some streets after gun shots were fired. Fort Myers Police terrorist lieutenant Victor Medico was quoted as saying:

“There were a lot of witnesses down here, there were a lot of people taking pictures, videos with their cellphone,”

Interestingly enough Fort Myers police terrorists have not released any information about motive in this incident and that they are searching for an individual suspect or suspects plural. Also, this lieutenant has stated his department is refusing to comment further after a plethora of media requests. A local barber shop owner, Jill Stancel claims she heard gunshots.

I am not sure why she was at her place of business at 11:45 PM on a Saturday night. However, she supposedly let screaming citizens into her business after gun shots were fired. This ZombiCon is now a decade old annual event.

This year this crowd was treated to a real event which caused panic. With so many people in attendance perhaps there will be some real video footage of this event on the Internet. Also, I am not aware yet if any government bureaucratic terrorists are calling for gun control after this incident.

Jennifer Connell – Sues 12 Year Old Nephew Over Broken Wrist

A fifty four year old white woman sued her own nephew because he broke her arm at his eighth birthday party. Sean Tarala jumped into her arms allegedly out of excitement and accidentally broke his aunt’s arm. This event transpired in March of two thousand eleven.

October of two thousand fifteen a Connecticut jury ruled against her. Jennifer Connell was seeking one hundred twenty seven thousand dollars in damages. However, in two thousand eleven she admitted this was an accident.

She decided to file a lawsuit against her own nephew, Sean Tarala, in two thousand thirteen in a Bridgeport, Connecticut court. Allegedly, this boy is actually a son of one of her cousins. She claims she was injured and later required injuries.

Supposedly, she never told Sean extent of her injuries. Jennifer Connell is quoted as writing in her lawsuit:

“The injuries, losses and harms to the plaintiff were caused by the negligence and carelessness of the minor defendant in that a reasonable eight years old under those circumstances would know or should have known that a forceful greeting such as the one delivered by the defendant to the plaintiff could cause the harms and losses suffered by the plaintiff.”

On October thirteen two thousand fifteen a six person jury unanimously ruled against her. This twelve year old boy actually appeared in court. According to Connecticut law, you cannot sue an insurance company, but must name an individual.

Her excuse perhaps is that she wanted to receive compensation for her medical bills. Adding insult to injury, pun intended, Sean’s mother, Lisa Tarala met her demise last year. This white woman Jennifer Connell still went through with this lawsuit.

Jennifer is single, not married, and never procreated any children. No wonder why she is single and childless.

Steven Jones – Suspected of Northern Arizona University Incident

Another campus shooting incident transpired October nine two thousand fifteen in AmeriKKKa. This time an eighteen year old white boy, named Steven Jones, is an alleged gunman. He supposedly shot one individual who met his demise and injured three others.

This alleged incident transpired at Northern Arizona University. Police terrorists claim this incident transpired at 1:20 AM local Arizona time. Police gestapo claimed they were able to apprehend Steven Jones without incident.

He is being charged with one count of first degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. Allegedly, a fight ensued outside Mountain View Hall dormitory, where a party was taking place. Interestingly, this campus was never placed on lockdown.

This white lone wolf gunman supposedly used a hand gun. Although, he is pictured with automatic and semiautomatic weapons on the Internet. Members of Delta Chi were involved in this incident.

Colin Brough supposedly met his demise while Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek and Nicholas Piring are recovering from injuries at Flagstaff Medical Center. According to one propaganda magazine this is the forty fifth school shooting in AmeriKKKa for two thousand fifteen. Northern Arizona University, temporary internment camp to me brain white washes I mean educates twenty thousand people.

Allegedly, members of Delta Chi Greek fraternity became involved in a physical confrontation with other members. This is when Steven Jones pulled out a hand gun and caused Colin Brough to meet his demise. This was supposedly the one hundred forty fourth school shooting since Sandy Hook in AmeriKKKa.

According to a statement from Northern Arizona University, police were notified at 1:20 AM Arizona time of an incident. Police gestapo were able to dispatch, arrive, and detain this alleged gunman in two minutes at 1:22 AM Arizona time. This is lightening quick response from police terrorists.

You see according to my studies it takes police ten minutes or more on average to even dispatch in response to 911 emergency calls.

Luke Gatti – Throws Temper Tantrum When Not Sold Mac and Cheese

A nineteen year old white boy threw a temper tantrum when a University of Connecticut campus food market would not sell him any macaroni and cheese. This food establishment manager asked him multiple times to leave these premises. Luke Gatti was intoxicated with white supremacy I mean alcohol.

Luke began yelling and uttering ad hominem attacks at this manager. At one point this white boy even assaulted him by physically shoving him. Luke Gatti even demanded he become allowed to bring in beer.

There is a YouTube video of this incident that has since gone viral, with nearly one million seven hundred thousand views at time of this blog post creation. This University of Connecticut student was quoted as saying during this translucent barrage of linquistics:

“This is getting posted somewhere and you’re gonna look like a fucking tool,”



and a

“fucking idiot.”


“fucking retard”

Allegedly, this incident transpired after this white teen clown wanted to bring in beer to this establishment but was denied. This caused Luke Gatti to act like a child and become ballistic. During this white on white confrontation there was polite language with sentences beginning with please.

However, this yet to become named manager asked Luke Gatti not to touch him when he was inches away and poking at his name tag. Immediately, this younger translucent shoved him. He shoved him not once but twice.

Another white boy intervened when this incident became physical. Even other employees of this food establishment intervened and asked as well as demanded Luke Gatti to leave. This white mule refused to budge.

He pushed one other person that tried intervening, but no boxing match transpired. Some people with color were present for this incident, but thankfully they for the most part did not try to intervene and remained spectators in a system of white terrorism. After one more shove from this white mule against a manager, finally another employee walked up from behind and apprehended Luke Gatti.

About a minute later a white University of Connecticut police terrorist arrived and handcuffed this white mule. As is proverbial in a system of white terrorism, this white police officer actually loosened some handcuffs. If this were a male person with color perhaps those handcuffs would have been tightened to a point of blood loss by constriction.