Ward Churchill – Ex Military a White Man and Not Native American?

Ward Churchill is perhaps a controversial figure in many different ways. This man claims that he is native american. However, these claims have come into question many times before.

Is Ward Churchill really a white man portraying himself as a native american? Ward is actually ex military. He was drafted into the United States Army in nineteen sixty six. He did not try to dodge this draft.

According to himself, Ward volunteered for the Vietnam War. He was discharged from the United States Army in nineteen sixty eight. Ward was Professor of Ethnic Studies at University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colorado from nineteen ninety until two thousand seven.

Ward has claimed most of his life that he is from Native American indian ancestry. Ward’s birth parents were both listed as white in a nineteen thirty census. Also, his grand father with his same first and last name was listed as white in a nineteen twenty census.

On his military records he is listed as caucasian which is another term for white. All except two of his great great grand parents were listed white on census and other official documents. Ward has never allowed blood testing to confirm his alleged indegenous roots.

He has claimed at least three different degrees of indegenous roots. One occasion he claimed he was 1/8th Creek and 1/16th Cherokee. A second occasion he claimed he was 1/16th Creek and Cherokee.

A third occasion he claimed he was “Muscogee and Creek descent on my father’s side, Cherokee on my mother’s.” Finally, a fourth claim is that he is 3/16th Cherokee. Ward claimed that he was a blood member of United Keetoowah Band, which the United States government military officially designates as Cherokee.

However, this group only gave him an honorary membership after he declined to give them evidence of his indegenous ancestry.

Harlem Park Middle School – White Teacher Calls Students N Word

Another white girl up to no good in the system of white terror. This time an anonymous white female teacher at Harlem Park Middle School, in Baltimore, Maryland, called her black african students niggers. This white female teacher even grabbed one of these students by their hoodie in a hall.

She has since been fired after this incident took place November seventeen thousand sixteen. Erica Esha Deminds a mother of one of these students uploaded a video of this incident to her FaceBook. Initially this video received three million three hundred thousand views.

She has since deleted this video. Another version of this video received over five million views. This white female Al Qaeda member has since been fired.

However, her name has not been released publicly. Harlem Park Elementary Middle School brain white washes four hundred and four black children as of two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen figures. This white woman went off on a violent savage tirade after she felt she lost control of her students.

Below is her communication or lack there of:

“Get out of my class. You’re idiots! You are all getting zeros for not participating.

You are going to be a bunch of broke ass niggers who get shot. You’re stupid, you’re stupid. Learn something, be a man.”

Baltimore City Schools claims they only fired this white teacher because one of these videos went viral. This white woman was this schools’ second year eighth grade science teacher. She was hired through Baltimore City Teaching Residency program.

Erica’s son Twon filmed this incident without this white girl’s knowledge. I was not able to obtain real legal name of this white female savage at time of this blog post creation.

Jeronimo Yanez – Faces 2nd Degree Manslaughter Philando Castile

Twenty eight year old police gestapo terrorist Jeronimo Yanez, has been charged with second degree manslaughter. He caused Philando Castile to meet his demise. Also, this gestapo goon faces two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm.

Two individuals were in same care when Philando Castile was murdered. This police terrorist was on the prowl for four years with Saint Anthony police gestapo. An arrest warrant was not issued.

However, a summons was issued requiring this animal to appear in court today November eighteen two thousand sixteen. This possible Freemasonic Fraternal Order of police crime syndicate placed Jeronimo on administrative leave. July six two thousand sixteen, Philando met his demise.

This gestapo thug was contracted out to provide terrorist services in Falcon Heights. Philando was pulled over because of an alleged broken taillight. Philando had no arrest warrants nore was he in possession of a stolen vehicle.

The United States Attorneys office and Federal Bureau of Insurgency are investigating this incident. Ramsey County Attorney John Choi claims dashcam video from time of this murder will not be released until after this criminal court case is concluded. John claims no police gestapo terrorist has ever been charged in his district directly.

He claims grand juries have been used in past. According to a retired Federal Bureau of Insurgent Larry Brubaker, no police gestapo has ever been charged criminally in thirty six years of police involved shootings he reviewed. I was able to find a ten page pdf document stipulating charges that Jeronimo Yanez faces.

I was not able to verify if Jeronimo is still receiving compensation as part of his administrative leave.

Bret Harte Middle School – Threatens to Deport Mexican Children

A long term substitute gym teacher threatened to assist in deportation of Mexican children on Wednesday November fifteen two thousand sixteen. This male teacher brain white washes school children at Bret Harte Middle School in Los Angeles, California. Jennifer Reynaga’s eleven year old daughter recorded some of these threats with her cell phone.

Also, this male teacher threatened to assist with deportation of his students’ parents. This man is quoted verbatim:

“If you were born here, then your parents got to go. Then they will leave you behind, and you will be in foster care. I have your phone numbers, your address, your mama’s address, your daddy’s address.

It’s all in the system, sweetie”

You see Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals was passed in two thousand twelve. This allows children that were born in the United States from persons that have not become citizens yet, to stay in America with permits. These permits are renewable every two years as long as these children meet certain guidelines.

The full audio has not been released. Local media whore propagandist affiliates NBC Los Angeles and Telemundo are only entities to have obtained some of this audo. Also, Los Angeles Unified School District is allegedly reviewing entire audio.

This male teacher supposedly has since been fired. However, I was not able to obtain his name. I could not verify whether or not this was a white teacher.

Bret Harte Prepatory Middle School is located at:

9301 S.Hoover St.
Los Angeles, CA 90044

The Los Angeles Unified School District brain white washes over six hundred forty thousand children at over nine hundred temporary internment camps and one hundred eighty seven public charter temporary internment camps.

Valeska Griffiths – Films White Canadian Attack Person With Color

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. This time a white boy in Toronto, Canada attacked a person with color verbally on November fourteen two thousand sixteen. A white girl named Valeska Griffiths started filming this incident as it transpired.

She witnessed an anonymous white boy verbally assault a person with color on a Toronto Car streetcar. Here are a collection of quotes from this video:

“You’re a little bitch, eh. Welcome to Canada. Don’t worry bro, I remember your face, I promise you. On Jesus, I promise you.

This guy, who doesn’t even know what ‘yes’ or ‘no’ means. He’s not from around this town; I can tell by his face. The next time you punch me in the face, you’re getting buried. You’re getting buried.

Go back to your fucking country. It’s not. It’s gonna end with his teeth on the fucking ground.

Are you stupid? Are you stupid? Are you stupid?”

This white terrorist attack occurred on 512 Saint Clair streetcar when it stopped at Glenholme Street and Saint Clair Avenue. Two white female witnesses claimed that this not white victim did NOT punch and or assault this white Al Qaeda member. Allegedly, this person with color intervened when this white boy and another white woman became involved in a dispute.

You see this other white girl asked him to turn down his loud music. Later on in this video this white boy admitted he was white by labeling himself white. Also, off camera Valeska claims she saw this white boy brush up against this person with color.

Local police gestapo intervened and allowed this male with color back on this streetcar. Neither person is facing legal charges. I was not able to find out this white boy’s name.

Robert Neil Thompson – Berates and Calls Brandon Levston N Word

Another white Al Qaeda member in the system of white terrorism. This time white boy Robert Neil Thompson, a Donald “Chump” Trump supporter claims a person with color got into a vehicular altercation with him. Robert followed Brandon to a Starbucks and walked up to his vehicle and is quoted verbatim:

“Trump! Because, hey check this out. Check it out, because I got you. Black Lives don’t matter, there ain’t no proof.

Just because you say something don’t mean nothing. That makes you a nigger. That proves, check it out, that proves that black lives don’t matter.”

This white boy is aged thirty two and married to a twenty seven year old white girl named Courtney Hopper Thompson. Robert allegedly works for:

Hopper Roofing and Home Repair
2737 Green Hollow Lane
Memphis, Tennessee 38133

Robert lied and claimed that he did not use social media, but I was able to pull up his https://twitter.com/skuratchinz deleted Twitter account via google cache. Also, he has since deleted two FaceBook accounts. He claimed he was banned from FaceBook.

Perhaps he deleted both his first and second FaceBook accounts. His white girl wife supposedly works at a local Memphis Tennessee Hooter’s. They have one child together.

I was able to possibly verify his voter registration record for Shelby County Tennessee. According to his Twitter account he lives in Memphis, Tennessee. However, there was no activity on this account since 2012. Robert has allegeldy filed a police report against Brandon since this incident transpired.

Royal Oak Middle School – White Students Chant Build That Wall

Some white children up to no good in their rigged hood. A FaceBook video has now gone viral depicting a group of white children chanting “Build that wall”. They were repeatedly chanting build that wall.

This occurred at Royal Oak Middle School in Royal Oak, Michigan. This is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. There were some people with color, latinos, present during this affair pun intended.

This white supremacist chant was perpetrated during a lunch hour. This occurred in this temporary brain white washing internment camp’s cafeteria, on Wednesday November ten two thousand sixteen. The white man Superintendent of Royal Oak Schools, Shawn Lewis-Lakin, released a statement in response to this white behaviour.

“In responding to this incident – indeed in responding to this election – we need to hear each other’s stories, not slogans, we need to work towards understanding, not scoring points, and we need to find a way to move forward that respects and values each and every member of our community,” he said. We will be working on this in school today. Please work on this with us.”

This video has received fifteen thousand views, ninety thousand shares, and thirteen thousand comments as of this blog post creation. No word on whether or not any disciplinary action will be taken against these younger white Al Qaeda members. Supposedly, some of these children with color started crying, during this obviously racist slogan.

Just another day in the system of white terrorism.

Megan Olson – Tweet Kill as Many Mexicans as I Could in One Night

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. This one hits closer to home so to speak. A white girl named Megan Olson, tweeted on July first two thousand sixteen:

“If we had a real life purge I would kill as many Mexicans as I could in one night.”

This violent white savage behaviour was in response to her not being left a tip. You see this white girl was a waitress at Texas Roadhouse in Greeley, Colorado. Her Twitter handle was megatron. Megan was fired by Texas Roadhouse on July twenty one two thousand sixteen.

However, on a Megan Olson FaceBook fan page a claim was made on August twenty two thousand sixteen that she might get her job back.  Megan apologized via Texas Roadhouse’s facebook page:

“I wrote hurtful, inconsiderate, insensitive and careless words and I understand the amount of people I have offended by that. There are no excuses for what I have done. I sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, apologize to everyone for my momentary lack of judgment. I want you all to know that I do not actually feel this way.”

Megan deleted her Twitter account. As a matter of fact she included @realDonaldTrump in her Twitter description, before she deleted this twitter account. Megan also deleted her FaceBook profile.

Texas Road House restaurants are located in forty nine states with over four hundred locations.  Megan had created a #learnhowtotipyoufuckingtwats hashtag as part of her white behaviour.

Hunter Bellew – Caused One Person to Meet Demise in Home Invasion

Another white boy up to no good in his rigged hood. This time an eighteen year old white boy named Hunter Bellew broke into a residence and murdered a fifty year old homeowner.  Tony McCartney met his demise in his own 4900 block of Riddles Bend Road home in Rainbow City, Alabama.

He was murdered by one gunshot wound to his head. Hunter was acquainted with his victim and even lived within a mile at one time. Police gestapo claim this white boy conducted a robbery.

Also, he was captured around 6:30 PM Sunday November six two thousand sixteen. This white boy was driving a nineteen ninety eight white Toyota Tacoma pickup, with Alabama license plate tag 31BH254.  His victim was a white man according to Rainbow City police gestapo whom found him dead in his bedroom.

Another case of white on white criminality. Hunter may have been armed and dangerous as some of Tony’s weapons and ammunition were found missing. This white boy was accompanied by a fifteen year old girl for a time.

She called her mother from a nearby firestation. She told some firefighters that she was with Hunter.

“She described the area that she had last seen him in. She felt uncomfortable with him, he was acting erratic, and not really normal to her. ”

Police gestapo found this white savage with a potential murder weapon and two other guns. Hunter was arrested and is now located at Etowah County Jail. He is being charged with murder without bail bond.

Sofya Tsygankova – Daughters Met Demise & Not Fit to Stand Trial

White people up to no good in their rigged hood. This time Sofya Tsygankova caused both of her daughters to meet their demise. However, she faced two charges of capital murder.

Her husband Vadym Kholodenko found both his five year old and one year old daughters dead in their bedroom. This all transpired on March seventeen two thousand sixteen. A judge found her not mentally stable enough to appear in court.

She is currently being held on two million dollars bail at Tarrant County jail in Texas. A judge sentenced her to one hundred twenty days in a mental facility. However, she does not need to complete her stay until a bed becomes available.

This thirty one year old white girl filed a not guilty plea on March twenty third two thousand sixteen. She was found wearing a blood stained nightgown and kneeling on a floor. A bloody butcher knife was found on patio of this premise.

Blankets with blood were found in her Ford Focus. Other blood was found inside her vehicle. Her husband had scheduled with her to pick up their children around 9:20 AM and found both his daughters murdered a few minutes later.

A total of four blood covered knifes were found. Two knives, butcher knife, and a cleaver style knife. I was not able to obtain a free arrest affidavit for this incident. I found Sofya Tsygankova’s Arrest Warrant affidavit for your perusal.