NSA Cyber Security – AT&T Assisted With NSA Spying on Americans

American Telephone and Telegraph, also known as AT&T has shown a willingness to help out with the National Spy Agency’s domestic monitoring program, according to some recently leaked documents and one in particular that is seventy four pages long. Telecommunications companies in America have for most part went a long with the United States surveillance efforts for decades. However, American Telephone and Telegraph has been overly eager to help the National Spy Agency.

Allegedly, this was the very first company to actively forward Internet metadata information, for example email participants, to the National Spy Agency, beginning in two thousand three. In two thousand eleven this nefarious company, pun intended, began forwarding voice call metadata information. American Telephone and Telegraph has now been busted as the telecommunications company that was sniffing all Internet traffic at the United Nations New York City, New York headquarters.

Other Internet and telephone carriers, such as Sprint and Verizon have been involved assisting the National Spy Agency. However, documents show that American Telephone and Telegraph participated in a majority of this activity of intelligence gathering. This telecommunications company claims that they don’t supply information to American authorities:

“without a court order or other mandatory process,”

Also, American Telephone and Telegraph claims they only make some exceptions when a:

“person’s life is in danger and time is of the essence,”

This telecommunications company seems to turn over their private customer information for security purposes, without provocation. American Telephone and Telegraph have been willing partners with the Fairview spy program, dating back to at least nineteen eighties. As a matter of fact, in two thousand thirteen, some of their engineers were very first ones to test out new surveillance technology, for the National Spy Agency.

That same year this telecommunications providor deployed surveillance equipment on at least seventeen of their Internet hubs. Back in two thousand eleven American Telephone and Telegraph started releasing over one billion cell phone calling records, made domestically by Americans, to the National Spy Agency.

Currently, there are only seven tier one Internet backbone providors. Level 3 Communications, TeliaSonera International Carrier, CenturyLink, Vodafone, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T Corporation. These seven organizations make up the entire Internet infrastructure in America.

Supposedly, these seven tier one Internet back bone providors connect to each other by a company named Equinix in Ashburn, Virginia. International backbone providors also cross connect at this location. This location is approximately fifty two miles from The National Spy Agency headquarters.

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