Northlake Mall – Fiasco in Charlotte Leaves One Suspect Fatality

Another alleged mall shooting occurred today December twenty four two thousand fifteen in a white colony in white people’s system of white terror. This time supposedly one gunman met their demise at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte Mecklenburg police terrorists claim that just one person met their demise after an altercation supposedly transpired inside this mall.

Allegedly, around 2PM local time, an altercation between two groups occurred. Just coincidentally, although I don’t beLIEve in coincidences in the system of white terrorism, off duty officers were at this mall. One of these off duty police terrorists took out an alleged armed gunman.

This gunman that allegedly met their demise has not been identified as of this blog post creation. A Bath and Body Works employee Sarah Wise was a partial witness. She was quoted as saying:

“It was absolutely chaotic. All I heard was gunshots back to back, and literally everybody just flooded in the store saying, ‘Shooter! Shooter! Shooter!’ We just ran out the back and got out as fast as we could.”

This alleged shooting incident occurred outside of an Apple Store inside Northlake Mall. Paramedics also claim they are treating one person with a leg injury. Three other witnesses claimed they viewed two people in a fight inside a Journeys shoe store.

One of these alleged knuckleheads pulled out a gat and busted a cap into the leg of their adversary. This is when some off duty police terrorists were working at this mall and yet again saved this day. Another witness claimed he heard multiple gun shots and a stampede of capitalistic whores ensued.

Supposedly some capitalistic cattle were pinned by automatic gates that triggered after some gun shots. Also, this Northlake shopping mall was placed on lockdown. Also, guess what alphabet soup agency was present?

You guessed it, the Federal Bureau of Insurgency either already had a contigency before hand or just coincidentally showed up later to investigate.