New York Military Academy – Closes Doors After 126 Years

New York Military Academy closed its doors permanently last Monday September fourteen two thousand fifteen. This institution that creates future military terrorists went bankrupt. White mobster John Gotti and Donald “Chump” Trump attended this one hundred twenty six year old academy.

This private boarding school has had tough financials as of late. This facility that used to harbor future military terrorists, is up for auction. A one million three hundred thousand dollar real estate deal fell through cracks last week.

This military academy filed for bankruptcy in March of two thousand fifteen. An auction later this month will start lowest bid of nine million five hundred thousand dollars for this dump I mean institution of higher learning. Global Preparatory Academies was negotiating a deal that failed a few weeks ago.

This is a one hundred thirteen acre property located in an Orange County village of Cornwall on Hudson. Thankfully, a future buyer does not need to brain whitewash people in order to take possession. Donald “Chump” Trump was asked to donate money multiple times since he graduated in nineteen sixty four.

After his terrorist in training Chump I mean Trump dodged a Vietnam War draft, claiming he had a heel injury. This temporary internment camp costs forty thousand dollars per annum. Parents were suckered into believing this camp would open for duty on September fourteen two thousand fifteen. New York Military Academy is thirteen million dollars in debt.

In two thousand eleven Donald “Chump” Trump was asked to donate seven million dollars. No word on whether or not parents were refunded a forty thousand tuition. I assume they were.