Nashville Tennessee – Shooting at Theater Results in Dead Suspect

Another alleged movie theater shooting occurred today, this time in Nashville Tennessee. An individual with a gun, pepper spray, hatchet and two back packs met his demise with a shootout with local police. Supposedly, this lone wolf gunman pepper sprayed two persons and used his hatchet.

No fatalities or major injuries were reported. Coincidentally, police were near by at an alleged car crash and were able to appear at this scene rather quickly. Mad Max: Fury Road was playing at Carmike 8 Cinemas. Supposedly, this fifty one year old local man shot at a police clown and then exited out of this movie theater.

Special Weapons and Tactics exchanged fire with this one gunman and incredulously missed. Allegedly, police clowns shot him dead at rear of this movie theater. This gunman was wearing a surgical mask and used pepper spray against two women.

A total of two back packs were left at this Carmike 8 cinemas. Local businesses were placed on lock down, and bomb sniffing dogs were brought in. Proverbial moves in this system of white terrorism.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency is of course investigating and proclaimed that this incident is an act of

“homegrown violent extremism,”

but NOT terrorism. Perhaps this fifty one year old male shooting suspect, now deceased, is white, I don’t know. Dr. Corey Slovis, chairman of emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, medical director of both Metro Nashville Fire Department and Nashville International Airport was called in to stipulate this gunman was deceased.

This medical director was then quoted as saying

“Unfortunately, the more people that have guns in public places the more potential there is for someone who shouldn’t have a gun to use it inappropriately”

. What amazing statement to make moments after a shooting and even before one body was cold. Also, alleged witnesses posted their observations on social media.