Miami Dolphin Mall – Placed Under Lockdown Without Any Real Proof

The system of mental illness charges forward. This time a shopping mall in Florida was placed under lockdown without any fucking proof. Even local police gestapo admit there was no evidence of a shooting.

No injuries. No shooter. No bullets.

You can’t make this shit up. Dolphin Mall, in Miami Dade County was placed under lockdown on this early Saturday evening. However, I found one Facebook witness claim she heard two gunshots.

Erin Galvez from Miami, Florida is quoted verbatim via Facebook:

“I was leaving the parking garage and there was a group of kids in blue shirts huddled up in a circle. I thought it was odd that they were all in circle right outside the parking garbage of section #2 (near old navy) a few seconds later we heard two gun shots. The kids started running and then other people started running to their cars.

I think those kids were up to no good.”

Later that evening even more police gestapo claims of an active shooter were not founded in reality. How can there be conflicting reports? There was either an active shooter or not.

This incident of course caused these serfs to stampede, literally out of this Dolphin Shopping Mall. Americans are some of the most paranoid humans on this planet. Shoppers claimed that gun shots were fired near Bass Pro Shops.

However, as of this blog post creation, no evidence of any shooting has been found. People on the Internet were spreading disinformation. They were claiming a photo from a two thousand fifteen training exercise was a photo of the Dolphin active shooter.

Portions of this mall as of 10 PM eastern time are still under lockdown. A one hour search was performed and no signs of a shooting were found. America, the land of the enserfed, home of the cowardice and paranoid.