Mexico City Center – of 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico city center on September nineteen two thousand seventeen. Over one hundred individuals have died. Some reports now claim closer to one hundred fifty people have died.

Twenty or more buildings were damaged or desroyed in Mexico City. Over forty people died in Morales which is a Mexican state. This 7.1 magnitude Mexico City center earthquake occurred around 1:17 PM local time.

Numerous people are feared trapped in collapsed buildings. The epicenter of this earthquake was around seventy six miles southeast of Mexico City. As is proverbial on Continente Norte America, Mexicos government military declared a state of emergency, perhaps because they became involved.

Many videos were uploaed to the Internet showing this extensive damage. Just eleven days ago another powerful earthquake occurred in southern Mexico. That earthquake was Mexico’s most powerful in a century.

This earthquake occurred on the thirty second anniversary of the nineteen eighty five 8 magnitude tremor that killed over five thousand individuals. That Mexico City center earthquake caused government bureaucrats to create stricter building codes. Ironically, hours before this earthquake shook, many buildings were vacated for national building evacuation drills.

Mexico City’s major international airport suffered some damage. What I find strange is that after this major earthquake the airport was immediately closed and all employees evacuated. Passengers on airplanes were stuck for hours.

We shall see if government regulations after the nineteen eighty five earthquake made a difference or not. Although that earthquake was measured 8 versus 7.1 measured for today’s earthquake. Another report claims that two hundred twenty six people have now died.

Tremors were felt after this earthquake that lasted six to seven minutes according to some witnesses. Military and Police helicopters were seen flying overhead. Allegedly, 3.8 million people were without power initially.

A large explosion caused one building to catch on fire. Mexico City center was built on an old dry lake bed. According to some earthquake experts this can amply shaking one hundred times because of the condition of soil beneath.

I wonder if the earthquake drills held hours before this real 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit, helped lower the casualty count?