Madison High School – Fiasco Causes Four Injuries Suspect Caught

Another alleged school shooting incident in AmeriKKKa, a white colony. This time four students were injured at Madison Junior Senior High School in Middletown Ohio, on Monday February twenty nine two thousand sixteen. Two of those students supposedly received injuries from flying shrapnel.

Two students with more severe injuries allegedly were taken to a nearby hospital. Local Butler County sheriff terrorists claim that a fourteen year old boy perpetrated this incident, fled this school and was later apprehended. These sheriff clowns refused to indentify this alleged shooter.

Another report claims that an eighth grader brought a gun to Madison Junior Senior High School. Cameron Smith, aged fifteen, and Cooper Caffrey, aged fourteen were supposedly received gun shot wounds while Brant Murray and Katherine Doucette both aged fourteen were allegedly injured by shrapnel. This alleged lone wolf gunman used a .380 caliber weapon.

After capping some fellow students he ran into some nearby woods. Allegdly, a lone sheriff deputy assigned to this temporary brain white washing internment camp had left his post inside this school’s cafeteria. Supposedly, this fourteen year old has been charged with felony attempted murder.

This shooting incident partook inside Madison Junior Senior High School’s cafeteria. This shooting incident transpired at 11:30 AM local Central time after this sheriff deputy left his post. This school and other nearby schools were placed under lock down for more than an hour.

This lock down was lifted at 1 PM local time. Classes were cancelled for all schools in this district. Parents were allowed to drive to these schools and pick up their serfs I mean children.

Another report claims these students were injured while exiting this school and not by shrapnel. One parent claims that six shots were fired. One 11th grade student named Zayd Ahmed, claims he heard four shots while he was sitting in this schools library.

He was quoted verbatim:

“I was very scared. Kind of like, you’re shaking, your legs won’t stop shaking. For another hour I was wondering what was going on and when are they going to tell us.

I’m just thinking, little eighth graders? With a gun? What are they doing with a gun?”

Parents were notified twice by automated phone call messages supposedly, and via Facebook and a school district website.