Luke Gatti – Throws Temper Tantrum When Not Sold Mac and Cheese

A nineteen year old white boy threw a temper tantrum when a University of Connecticut campus food market would not sell him any macaroni and cheese. This food establishment manager asked him multiple times to leave these premises. Luke Gatti was intoxicated with white supremacy I mean alcohol.

Luke began yelling and uttering ad hominem attacks at this manager. At one point this white boy even assaulted him by physically shoving him. Luke Gatti even demanded he become allowed to bring in beer.

There is a YouTube video of this incident that has since gone viral, with nearly one million seven hundred thousand views at time of this blog post creation. This University of Connecticut student was quoted as saying during this translucent barrage of linquistics:

“This is getting posted somewhere and you’re gonna look like a fucking tool,”



and a

“fucking idiot.”


“fucking retard”

Allegedly, this incident transpired after this white teen clown wanted to bring in beer to this establishment but was denied. This caused Luke Gatti to act like a child and become ballistic. During this white on white confrontation there was polite language with sentences beginning with please.

However, this yet to become named manager asked Luke Gatti not to touch him when he was inches away and poking at his name tag. Immediately, this younger translucent shoved him. He shoved him not once but twice.

Another white boy intervened when this incident became physical. Even other employees of this food establishment intervened and asked as well as demanded Luke Gatti to leave. This white mule refused to budge.

He pushed one other person that tried intervening, but no boxing match transpired. Some people with color were present for this incident, but thankfully they for the most part did not try to intervene and remained spectators in a system of white terrorism. After one more shove from this white mule against a manager, finally another employee walked up from behind and apprehended Luke Gatti.

About a minute later a white University of Connecticut police terrorist arrived and handcuffed this white mule. As is proverbial in a system of white terrorism, this white police officer actually loosened some handcuffs. If this were a male person with color perhaps those handcuffs would have been tightened to a point of blood loss by constriction.