Live or Die Free – Tired of Fear in Mainstream & Alternative Media?

Live Free or Die radio show hosted by Lee Rogers from Oracle Broadcasting discussing an abstraction bill HR 645 and FEMA camps. Is Lee Roger’s show really the most dangerous talk show in America or more succinctly controlled opposition radio? It is interesting another patriot radio show host Bill Cooper was labeled the most dangerous radio show host in America in a white house memo by a former DeMolay Freemason and puppet traitor in chief Bill Clinton.

HR 645 was never passed into law and FEMA camps have been speculated by the truth movement. Was this broadcast just pure speculation or was it intentional fear mongering by an “ex” military whom served in Iraq? While I don’t entirely refute a possibility of internment camps, as during World War II there were internment camps created for Japanese Americans.

My argument if it is indeed fear mongering and not accurate, then do some radio show hosts in a so called patriot movement use fear intentionally? Are these radio hosts trying to steer opposition from citizens fed up with an out of control government? Lets say hypothetically that the United States Federal government is creating FEMA camps, does scaring people really provide a solution?

It could well may be that Congress drafts bill’s like HR 645 with an intention of creating fear in minds of citizens opposed to their agenda. Congress could just put that thought into your mind and some individuals may cave into that fear. Governments are known to instill fear into citizenry in order for them to make them submissive.

Whether FEMA camps are real or not, either way concepts like internment camps instill fear in some people. Over all I consider this kind of tactic quite distasteful. Clearly, there is some kind of agenda going on in my perspective by the alternative media.

Also, it is interesting that some main stream media hosts even talked about FEMA camps like Glenn Beck. Are you tired of fear mongering in mainstream media and even alternative media?

UPDATE: Oracle Broadcasting ceased operations on March 31, 2013.

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