Linguistic Programming – Can You Become Linguistic Programmed?

This is episode number three hundred fifty eight from Heron Stone’s Gendo a Way of Language talkshoe broadcast. Heron Stone and Tom Vine discuss five stupidities of the English language. Absolutism, duality, reification, the word THE, and the verb “to be”.

Absolutism is not as prevalent in nature as you may think. Absolutist thinking and or communication can cause problems as well as arguments. Perhaps wars have been fought over absolutist thinking.

Also, dualities tend to surface at times in the English language. The Denver Broncos versus the Oakland Raiders. Democrats versus Republicans, Christians against muslims, atheism or religion are examples of other dualities.

These dualities can cause arguments, fights, perhaps even wars, since you are only given two choices and often times individuals, groups, nations, etc. pick one side against an opposing side. The word THE is a concrete word that can cause problems when communicating in English. When speaking of THE chair when their is five green chairs can be quite perplexing.

You could talk about that green chair closest to us as an example instead. Reification is basically talking about abstractions like love, capitalism, democracy, etc. as if they are real tangible objects. People can get into arguments, srrife, maybe even wars over reifications.

The verb to be perhaps is vague and maybe not proper English. Maybe it is a lazy verb or a lack of communication skills. I don’t know as I notice I still use this verb.

Perhaps learning to use more descriptive verbs is appropriate instead of using to be. These are just five stupidities of English language among perhaps many more. I think communicating more accurately is advantageous to me daily life.

Do you think a person can become linguistically programmed? What do you think are some other stupidities of the English language?