Leisa Wagner – Ties Her Own Mother up Who is Suffering Dementia

Another white on white affair, pun intended in the system of white terrorism. This time fifty year old Leisa Wagner tied her own mother up, that is suffering from dementia. Her mother is eighty years old and lives with this white woman.

Leisa faces charges of assault and unlawful imprisonment. Not only did this white girl tie her own mother up, but according to a Pierce County Superior Court affidavit, she tried strangling her. She became enraged that she had to help her mother use a bathroom too many times per day.

Leisa had tied a bedsheet around neck of her own mother. Local police gestapo arrived and found her mother still tied up in a chair with bedsheet wrapped around her neck. One witness to this incident was actually a family member whom recorded this incident with a smart phone.

This same family member witness over heard Leisa say:

“You need to stop going to the bathroom every five seconds. If you don’t stop giving me a hard time, I will tie you up and lock you in here and never let you out.”

This past Friday this white woman pleaded not guilty and was free on bail. Another report claims that Leisa beat up her mother. Also, another reports claims that she is fifty one years old not fifty.

This all transpired in Puyallup, Washington. I was not able to find this probable cause affidavit, but did find her case #16-1-03881-8. She was not charged with attempted murder.