Kyle Bessemer – Faces Multiple Charges After Whole Foods Fiasco

A twenty nine year old white man has been finally arrested and formally charged, after he sprayed some suspicious liquids, at an Ann Arbor, Michigan Whole Foods. The Federal Bureau of Insurgency on May five two thousand sixteen, arrested and charged a white boy Kyle Bessemer with poisoning food, drink, medicine, and water supply as well as two counts of poisoning food, drink, medicine, and water supply, causing property damage.

This possible white ISIS member admitted to basically spraying rat poison on food at this Whole Foods market. Each of his four felonies are punishable by up to fifteen to twenty years in prison. Also, Kyle admitted to spraying poisons on food at two other Michigan grocery stores.

This white boy sprayed a mixture of Tomcat mouse poison, water, and hand sanitizer that included some alcohol. He sprayed this chemical concoction at these grocery stores:

* Whole Foods Market at 990 West Eisenhower Parkway
* Meijer at 3145 Ann Arbor-Saline Road
* Plum Market at 375 North Maple Road

Not surprisingly this white cretin from hell was given a two hundred fifty thousand dollar cash bond. If he posted this cash bond then he would have been placed under house arrest. Kyle may have poisoned food at twelve to thirteen other stores.

The Federal Bureau of Insurgency are still trying to cover this up, I mean investigating and claim they may file additional charges. As is proverbial in the system of white terrorism, this white boy is claiming he is mentally ill. His premise is that he thought someone was trying to poisone him.