Ku Klux Klan – White Supremacists Confronted by People With Color

Ku Klux Klan of South Carolina, which is a white terrorist group to me, held a confederate flag rally yesterday. This group scheduled this rally because of a removal of a confederate flag from South Carolina capitol grounds a week prior. Ku Klux Klan of South Carolina expected around two hundred white Klan to appear.

Witnesses claim a much smaller number, perhaps fifty to one hundred appeared. These Klan were not the only terrorists at this rally. A large contingent of police and sheriff terrorists were on hand.

Five individuals were arrested at this affair, pun intended. One was arrested for “suspicion” of disorderly conduct. Two individuals arrested for assault and two others for breaching peace.

I was not able to obtain detailed information about these arrests. I was curious of number of people with color or lack there of that were arrested. Allegedly, seven people were treated for injuries by medics.

According to witnesses, a crowd of two thousand people actually attended this event. Most of them were protesters and law enforcement. There were some physical skirmishes and scuffles.

One white man was forced to drop his knife by a gun wielding white police or sheriff. Another white man was seen apprehended on the ground forcefully by both police and sheriff. One “black” male was seen hitting a Klan member with a confederate vest in his head.

Supposedly, this caused cheers from some crowd members. A white confederate flag supporter even was photographed stomping on an Israeli flag. These festivities were ended one hour prematurely as law enforcement exclaimed “in the interest of Public Safety”.

Black Educators for Justice scheduled a counter protest and anticipated three hundred members to attend. No word on how many of their members attended. Thankfully, no people with color were killed at this gala affair, last pun intended.