Knights Hospitaller – Are Some Knights of Malta Very Nefarious?

Order of The Knights of Malta

This documentary shows who and what the Knights of Malta are and their objectives. Their links to the Knights Templar and other secret societies are noted which focus on Rome as a great controller. This is an evil organization that is assisting in the New World Order.

Are some Knights Hospitaller also known as Knights of Malta involved in not so hospitable activity? This organization is quite old and dates back to twelve century. The Knights of Malta also have ties to the Knights Templars and are basically off shoots of the Knights Hospitallers.

Allegedly, they perform philanthropic activities in society such as literally hospital care, but some critics have noted that higher level knights are responsible for some of the corruption of the Vatican. They are a militarized religious order that is over nine hundred years old. This religious order has been renamed numerous times through out their history.

Currently their official name is Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta. This group was once known as the Knights Hospitaller, Knights of Saint John, Knights of Rhodes, etc. before acquiring their current name. Many people refer to them as the Knights of Malta currently.

The Knights of Malta also known as Knights Hospitaller were instrumental during great crusades. Some people think that this papal group is at war with muslims world wide once again. The Knights Templars are also rumored to having a feud with Hezbollah and Hamas.

It may very well be possible that these Vatican papal knights groups use good deeds as a front or a facade so to speak in order to cover for their more nefarious actions. Do you think that some Knights of Malta are nefarious?