Kayla Mueller – Why Did She Not Escape When She Had a Chance to?

Kayla Mueller is the twenty six year old white girl that allegedly died in hands of a member of ISIS, on February six two thousand fifteen. A few points of contention about her is a bit perplexing. For one thing she supposedly refused to escape from one of her captors, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in Al-Shadadiya, Syria, when she had an excellent chance to do so.

Supposedly she refused to do so because she claimed she would put a couple of Iraqi teen girls also captives, in danger. These girls allegedly successfully escaped. Kayla Mueller supposedly was being sexually abused at this time and yet refused to flee from her captor.

Another perplexing part of this whole situation, is that the United States government military, a terrorist organization, refused to prosecute themselves, one of Kayla Mueller’s captors, Nasrin As’ad Ibrahim. Instead American government military beaurocrats decided to turn him over to the Iraqi Kurdish courts. Why would they not want to get revenge and have him extradited to the United States. After all the United States government military loves to molest, rape, murder, etc. innocent children, men, and women abroad.

Kayla Mueller is quoted as saying:

“It’s hard to know what to say . . . Please know that I am in a safe location, completely unharmed + health (put on weight in fact); I have been treated w/the utmost respect + kindness,”

I guess her captors are bipolar? Kayla was supposedly a humanitarian aid worker and spent time in numerous countries. It’s ironic how white people terrorize people with color planet wide and yet when one of their own is allegedly kidnapped, they deny any wrong doing.

The Pentacon I mean Pentagon has denied claims that she was killed in a Jordanian air strike. Also, they claim they have no idea how she supposedly met her demise.